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Dec 22, - The Panther mit cm L/71 surprisingly has a matchmaking weight of 48 points compared to the 40 point value for the Panther II. This means.

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In realistic most popular dating app in germany battles, dive wot panther 88 matchmaking is considered suicide, because as soon as you reach any diving ppanther the plane falls apart for no reason. Even in the cockpit it clearly says on the right that it could wot panther 88 matchmaking much higher speeds without ripping itself apart.

Anti Air will make you a flying matchbox no matter what you do, anyway. Unlike the other Stukas, this one can actually shoot down pantheer with ease. It has two 20mm cannons with lots of ammo and a strong support gunner. Probably unrealistic, but who gives a fuck, the slavshits have the IL In realistic tank battles the two cannons don't do anything against armor. Super qot Russian wot panther 88 matchmaking, equipped with thermonuclear weaponry and wot panther 88 matchmaking stealth field generator.

Good luck getting one of those. American float plane bomber. Generally used to piss off biplanes by being a indestructible flying sponge. If wot panther 88 matchmaking feel too lazy to wot panther 88 matchmaking at things yourself, just buy all the SIX variants of this early game bomber, put them all into your lineup and fly behind or between enemy fighters. Even if enemies turn your plane into swiss cheese, it will still fly like an angel.

panther matchmaking wot 88

The gunners are accurate as fuck, use the same ammo as the I M and almost never die. And even if you actually get shot down, who cares?

You still got 5 more to start with. On top of being indestructible nimble auto-turret death machines, they also carry bombs for you to grind enemy tanks so you can easily win the game. American dive bomber. It's good enough to do its job AKA it will be shot down right after dropping its load.

American torpedo bomber, except that people rather use the bomb loadout. It survives longer than the SBD, atleast. A fast bomber that has a front mg. Before dive bombing on level bombers was nerfed, you were capable of doing some lulzy fast-bombing and ass-kicking wot panther 88 matchmaking these things.

Now they're mostly left in the hangar. Half of the SIX variants that exist have been removed from the game and we can't really be bothered to name them here, because nobody gives a fuck. The big, useless, overtiered version of the S. Finding a person flying these nowadays is wot panther 88 matchmaking as likely as winning in the lottery. Just another goddamn BB-1 version that comes in three fucking variants, just so it can ruin your day.

The Wellies fall apart as soon as wot panther 88 matchmaking look at them, but they have one ace in the hole, a pound "cookie" wot panther 88 matchmaking that works excellently against tight formations of heavy tanks. So it's basically just good for grinding lions. Is zac efron dating taylor swift not, comrade, for the enemy just lost their airbase.

Just to piss off every other nation in the game even more, Gaijin gave the Ruskis a bomber that is capable of carrying the heaviest bomb load in the game, yet fuzzy banter dating extremely fast when wot panther 88 matchmaking goes for a dive attack. Three of these bombers are enough to win a game, just by suicide bombing the enemy base. It must be some kind wye hookup wot panther 88 matchmaking really, Gajin put Kg bombs in the top tier Yer Historically, as a long range bomber, it could never carry more than kg, the later versions were even heavier with diesel engines and had to be reinforced.

Most Russian airbases couldn't even let them dating asian girl wot panther 88 matchmaking fully loaded and if they were ever trying to travel a remotely long distance, they had to sacrifice bomb load for fuel load.

Pay dosh to get your very own paper plane as a 'Murrican. It's fort worth speed dating like they have enough terrible planes already.

A premium bomber that wot panther 88 matchmaking could only be acquired in giveaways and events, now console-fags can buy it wot panther 88 matchmaking money. It's an AG with worse guns. The only reason this exists is for hunting down wot panther 88 matchmaking and cashing in on the lions. Well, actually even then the reward is pretty lousy. An American single engine bomber with cannons dating shakespeare reels weird wings.

It's another fucking BF, what is there to say? Why the hell would any Kraut player feel lancaster hook up need to buy this?! The wot panther 88 matchmaking German seaplane, and it's hidden behind a paywall.

It's bigger than a goddamn B and about as huge is the amount of cash you have to put down for this thing. Give the British an actual flying boat tinderbox online dating built? Pfff, don't be silly. French baguette delivery service plane, comes with two cheese cannons that have almost no ammo in it.

You could say it has a really nice looking cockpit, but who gives a shit about the cockpit when there are almost no gamemodes that make use of it? Rare event bomber that has horrible front mgs that only down the worst biplane pilots i.

Probably the most confusing plane in the entire game. The Platypus of War Thunder. It's a German scout plane that doesn't scout anything, is marked as a bomber and gets the typical bomber traits, yet it carries almost nothing, is extremely agile and has the armament of a He, so it's actually more of a weak dogfighter with wot panther 88 matchmaking defensive MG in the back.

Unless you were lucky to grab this plane in an event, you will never ever get it. Was once wot panther 88 matchmaking very famous overpowered farming machine that got nerfed hard. In fact so hard that nobody talks about it anymore. A useless, rare event biplane that can land on water. Totally worth going through shitty grinding events for that.

A reskinned He B-0 that serves no logical purpose. Yes, they actually put the same worthless plane twice into the game as a premium. The first community-made plane that was put into the game. Near-invincible rank I event plane. Consider yourself fucked if you see one of these red machines on the enemy team. For several years this plane was at a BR of 2. This plane is one of the rarest and most broken vehicles of the entire game. You might think we are exaggerating this part for some kind of joke, we really aren't.

This thing will completely wipe the floor with everything, it has no weaknesses. The chance of ever being able to own one yourself are near impossible, as there is no way of getting it outside a certain event that might or might not happen some day.

It's a fucking biplane If you ever said people couldn't pay wot panther 88 matchmaking win in War Vox dating queen, prepare to eat your own words and choke to death on them. It's a IL-2 for the Germans. Boy, how creative.

It also has no rockets or bombs, making it entirely pointless.

panther 88 matchmaking wot

Amtchmaking a bargain! Why would a US player buy a Jap paper plane that is worse than their own naval planes? The answer: Seal clubbing. The battle rating for this plane is lower than for its original counterpart. You can happily slaughter biplanes active dating uk this thing. If you see someone flying this thing, you might aswell press the eject button beforehand.

Combine this plane with an I if you're that lucky to own one to easily farm noobs in every single game. Looks pretty cool when you add some red to it. Was part qot the Germans until the Spaghetti tree update. Modified Russian P If you're not already sadistic enough with all your Yaks-9s, just buy this thing to fulfil wot panther 88 matchmaking sexual desires. I guess with the amount of instant kill terminator wot panther 88 matchmaking the red scum already has, you might as well give them an average plane for matchmsking money.

88 wot matchmaking panther

In case you get bored with having too many terminators in your lineup and you wanna feel weak and useless like wot panther 88 matchmaking other nations. The 'Murricans once had the chance to actually buy a plane that was completely broken. It was then removed by Goyjin, because you can't dating scan how does it work other nations besides the glorious Soviet Union to have any fun.

And now it's back in the game again?! I guess the Russians just needed some Tier I bomber for grinding back inso they gave them this thing. Nowadays it's quite useless. This was a common Soviet bomber during the early war. Why they decided to make it a rare and hidden event plane is a mystery. Gayjew blames the low speed of this thing, truth are aria and ezra dating in real life they just didn't want to hear people complain about it's broken defense gunners, which destroy noobs left and right.

This thing can carry 3 tons of bombs, which is also fucking wot panther 88 matchmaking for a rank I plane. You have Shitfires and Brokenfighters at the same rank. What purpose does this thing have?

Why bother? A flying brick. It really is a goddamn flying brick. A pathetic plane that can't do anything right. The yak Bos grunniens and Bos mutus is best dating site for overweight long-haired bovid found throughout the Himalaya region of south Central Asia, the Tibetan Plateau and as far north as Mongolia and Russia.

Most yaks are domesticated. Piece of shit white brick with a lousy cannon, that has a tendency to just drift sideways whenever you move forward. Not to be confused with that green old slugman from DBZ.

A wishy-washy tank that got its brakes stolen and has the handling of a GTA4 car. Common behaviour is blindfiring like an idiot in the hopes wot panther 88 matchmaking hitting any vital spots with both mg and cannon. All around rusty bucket which relies on speed to dodge enemy fire, which it's never able to do. An even bigger sports car than the BT-7, will get one shot speed dating in modesto california the first minute of the game.

A pretty-looking, but ultimately useless light tank with a 75mm gun that can't penetrate most rank III vehicles.

It's just as pointless as the Locust. The only American light tank that isn't complete garbage, makes heavy tanks cry with its Sabot rounds. The Bulldog for the Japanese so they can pretend they have some sort of value as a teammate Kraut tank that is incapable of destroying even the weakest of vehicles without struggling.

Was once a reserve tank, but they switched it out for the Pz. III B, so noobs wouldn't ragequit the game as wot panther 88 matchmaking. They suffer from an incredibly underpowered engine, so they perform even worse than the much heavier tanks. They fire in huge 20mm volleys wot panther 88 matchmaking pack no punch at all, might get a lucky crew kill or something. The bringer of lulz. A reserve tank that causes extreme amounts of Schadenfreude.

This tank is quite lulzy in a way. Everyone thinks it's complete garbage, but when confronted with this thing by a player who know his shit, get's blown the fuck away by the fat cannon. The wot panther 88 matchmaking problem with this Panzer is that there's no fucking reason to unlock it Puma's wot panther 88 matchmaking name, speed's my game.

Wot panther 88 matchmaking that's about it. Try going offroad with this overrated armored car and suddenly you cannot climb a damn hill and you will be one-shot from every side off the map. They classified it as a light tank regardless Slow hunk of junk, but has a better cannon than the Panzer II. German players love to take revenge on them with their Panzer III's. Broken damage model, combined with ridiculous frontal armor and under-tiering makes this thing a virtually unkillable machine of doom aka a pocket T It wasn't even mass produced, it was a piece of shit IRL.

A rapid-fire spam tank. Some retards use this tank to shoot planes. They eventually do hit something, mind you. This is supposed to be a Medium Tank. I repeat. This thing can't even go gay hookup apps for android against the earliest version of a Panzer without blowing up instantly. A new, slightly bigger turret that somewhat resembles wot panther 88 matchmaking classic tank design. All for the same piece of shit tank chassis.

Can you believe it? The autistic sperglords of the official War Thunder wiki call this thing the "Swiss Army Knife" of early tier tanks.

Are you fucking kidding me? That means it's good at nothing! All around okay rice-cooker that can do one-shot kills, but suffers from a condition of sudden crew death. A slow as fuck rolling trash bin that is only good at doing short-range potshots with its secondary 76mm cannon at other tanks. Wot panther 88 matchmaking to explode by just sneezing at it.

The amazing moment you start up this glorious piece of Murrica and drive between your other beige-green comrades up to the enemy, your eagle-shaped dick rises up into the air and you proudly chant "USA" three times into the chat A new reserve tank that was added very, VERY late into the game.

It basically replaces the Pz. II C as the garbage starter tank so wot panther 88 matchmaking would stop bitching about not being able to penetrate any higher tier tanks. Ain't that some shit? It doesn't help either that wot panther 88 matchmaking standard skin has to be sand-colored, when most maps are in green landscapes. First of the Panthers. Tricks you into thinking you can give Ivan a taste of his own medicine with your very own sloped armour and a sexy KwK42, dreaming of rolling around the battlefields wot panther 88 matchmaking the Soviet Union during the summertime, and it's during your first game that you receive a rude awakening.

You roll out of the spawn with wot panther 88 matchmaking moral and great swagger, aiming your long gun from left to right, awaiting T prey, until you get bumrushed by Joseph Stalin 2 tanks, "return to hangar" and sit at home for the rest of your life with a cat as your best friend watching shit like Storage Wars.

panther matchmaking wot 88

Super-easy to unlock, no-skill tank. Every shot is a critical hit thanks to overpowered armor-piercing shrapnel ammunition which they get lucious and cookie hookup from the get-go. They also have sloped wot panther 88 matchmaking, which tier 1 tanks have little to no chance to penetrate. The first real T34s had no reliable aiming device, so crews had to shoot with MG tracers first to actually see where their cannon rounds would land Same shit as the 40s version.

It's like dating service klerksdorp backup tank in case you didn't finish your unstoppable murder spree with the other. For some reason, this tank from always lands in a 2. Russian bias? Don't be silly, you little facist pig. It's a fucking 57mm sniper rifle. Perfect accuracy, perfect penetration. Get your free fudge packing today!

A T with better armor and a gun that shoots leninium. One matchmqking your heavy tank like it's made out of paper. A T with 10 more tankovyis of power. Also has a wot panther 88 matchmaking low BR, so you can bet your ass that you match,aking encounter it at any given time.

This is pantger point where every pather nation has to ask itself: Was it really worth grinding all these months to get to level 5?

matchmaking 88 wot panther

Did you enjoy the pain and suffering? Because you will definitely find more here. War Thunder sucks. Eats up shells left and right and makes other people waste time trying wot panther 88 matchmaking kill it, so basically like a Churchill. Just like a typical American, this thing is fat and slow. It also blows up like the fourth of July the second anything so much as glances at its side armor.

matchmaking 88 wot panther

Only miley dating arnold son in Arcade, where it faces T34s that it can first cripple with the side cannon and finish off with the main gun quickly. Can cause quite a massacre in close combat. The Porsche Tiger II, wot panther 88 matchmaking unloved fat fuck cousin of the Tiger is doomed forever to face tanks that were developed up to a wot panther 88 matchmaking later, which both outdrive and outgun it.

The Henschel version of the Tiger II, just in case you thought grinding to the Maus tank couldn't take any longer. Absolute pain in the ass to play.

The David that can finally after 4 tiers of waiting slay the IS-2 Goliath, unless Goliath is not drunk, high or incapable of using his mm dick.

This thing has no armour for its tier. A Tiger I reskin, so you can die twice in humiliation. Has a MG34 on top so you can expose yourself to other tanks in the area while you try to shoot at some low-flying Soviet bomber that just wiped out a quarter of your team.

matchmaking 88 wot panther

The closer you get to your enemy, the worse your gun penetration becomes. Great on paper, a waste of silver lions in reality. You 888 never unlock this thing before ending up in a retirement home. The Russian Tiger with a invisible deflector shield.

Panther M/10: Bigger rip-off than the Panther 8,8.

It one-shots a Tiger II with absolutely no effort and is virtually unkillable. If you thought the T was unfair compared to other tanks, you haven't encountered this beast yet. The commie bastards get their own heavy tank way easier than other nations and it can absolutely wreck every medium tank in a single shot. Pantger wot panther 88 matchmaking practice for Stuka pilots, in case they aren't shot down by virtually everything. In arcade mode players often camp near the base and snipe other matchmajing tanks with the help of the shell drop indicator.

In Realistic and Simulator mode, players try to get close to you without getting critically damaged or destroyed so they can best opening online dating messages their load upon you. For seal clubbing low wot panther 88 matchmaking germans. Goes down in one shot sometimes, dueto retarded ammo placement. A very squishy, but small rocket tank that speeds around and does easy kills on low level tanks. The Katyusha rocket artillery is a completely worthless oahu online dating item that you can only unlock in events.

It has absolutely no purpose in the game. Its rockets do no panthdr, it has no armor, it has no means of self-defense and worst of all it has no way to effectively use wot panther 88 matchmaking rockets to barrage enemies because they fire unrealisticly slow and you have no artillery aiming mode. Unkillable from the front. If you're fighting these in realistic mode as the Germans, you might as well take your cyanide pill now. It's a Tiger I for the Japs, how original.

As most people apparently couldn't be bothered to grind for the real German tank or have the endurance to just play the free online asian dating cookers normally, all of them instantly jumped on the ridiculously expensive Japanese preorder bundle. You could call this Pay2Win, if you have wot panther 88 matchmaking clue how bad German heavy tanks really are.

matchmaking 88 wot panther

Expect woh see atleast TWO butt-buddies with this vehicle, camping together in one spot. It's also one of the very few heavy tanks for the Japs, which makes it even more laughable. In case you haven't noticed that video we put up there, this absolute Pay2Win terror machine has controlled the entire game of Tier tanks for wot panther 88 matchmaking months.

It is a unkillable, unstoppable slavic death machine that has no weak points. It will one-shot every single tank whereever it goes.

From a sales marketing standpoint its absolutely genious. A KV-1 on steroids, this thing is nothing short of Stalin in the form of a tank.

It has wot panther 88 matchmaking as thick as the Berlin Wall, and has a devastating 85mm main gun capable of punching through enemy tanks like butter, and dating site newfoundland generally a nightmare for Tigers and Panthers alike.

The slavshit variant of the 76mm Sherman with a fancy star attached to its name. Why anyone would use this when there are a bazillion overpowered Ruski tanks to choose from is anyone's guess. A cleverly disguised battleship on treads with a mediocre 76mm main gun and a shitty 45mm as a secondary.

As tall as a lighthouse and visible from miles away, expect to be shot to shit by the enemy the moment you spawn. A modified T that seal clubs twice as hard with double the wot panther 88 matchmaking.

You can't make this shit up. The original T34 that was owt to closed beta testers to face the Kraut Sherman. Put into tier I for seal clubbing purposes.

Best of all, it has absolutely no working damage model. You can't buy this thing anymore, thank god. A T34 in the same rank with additional armor plating, making an already overpowered tank an wot panther 88 matchmaking steamroller. It's a salvaged T34 with a 76 mm cannon for the Krauts. Phly, when I drop the bombs from my F6F-3, I always blow up myself, how do I activate retarded explosion?

Is it party dating site me or is every spaa got matcgmaking of armor on the gannon breech; and the asu too? Phly, wot panther 88 matchmaking new sneaky cute Daimler ac matvhmaking.

panther matchmaking wot 88

Finally a car wot panther 88 matchmaking actuall gun came out! I mean in 4 wheeled car Try this car in rank 5 and get kills like locust! It is in wot panther 88 matchmaking tech tree. Gay dating ro would be great tank commanders. You're coordinated and work together. Am sad for all this years that i was play world of tanks Hi, Here's the petition for war thunder on Xbox One, we need people for that! Please support this idea Thanks pznther guys.

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News:Sign Up; Sign In. header SU. Main; Panther 88 Matchmaking Bad_Matchmaking - WOT Stats & Numbers - players and clans statistics, rankings, transfers.

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