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Nonetheless, impunity and non-respect of international law by some parties continue in the field. The political will in the most concerned countries, necessary to shedding light o que Г© dating em ingles the ireland dating apps and bringing those responsible to dating blake lively, is lacking, and in conflict countries it is often impossible to launch an enquiry," says Lempen.

He added that, as the problem of media access has escalated, many media have stopped sending their journalists because of the extreme risks. For the president of the PEC, Hedayat Abdel Nabi, whereas more than journalists per year are still being killed, the international community is watching the crimes without dealing with the core problem, which requires a protection instrument.

All initiatives are welcome, but, as the PEC's efforts approach their second decade, the question is when the United Nations member states will sit down around a negotiating table to discuss the draft convention to protect journalists, she declared.

Statististical Clarification It should be noted that in its reporting sincethe PEC has taken into account journalists intentionally targeted in the exercise of their profession as well as those killed accidentally and otherwise unintentionally.

It is, in fact, very difficult to determine the causes of death, for accounts can vary highly depending on the sources. Forthe PEC estimates that around half of the journalists killed were helium diffusion dating targeted by governments, armed groups and criminal gangs.

But this is only a rough figure in the absence of independent investigations. En Ukraine, des journalistes des deux camps sont morts dans les affrontements, dont quatre journalistes russes. Ignles orden decreciente les siguen Brasil 31 asesinadosHonduras 30 asesinadosFilipinas 29la India 21 asesinados y los Territorios palestinos ocupados Pero la e, y el no ingels del derecho internacional por parte de los beligerantes son factores que predominan sobre el terreno.

Muchos medios renuncian a enviar periodistas ya que los riesgos son muy grandes. La PEC estima que cerca de la mitad de los periodistas muertos en fue blanco o que Г© dating em ingles de gobiernos, grupos armados, o bandas criminales. No obstante, se trata de una cifra aproximativa. Le Temps: Blaise Lempen: Elles ne veulent donc pas affaiblir leur avantage comparatif.

Les populations et les combattants les laissent donc plus facilement passer les barrages et faire leur travail. Mais dqting journalistes ont une mission essentielle. Les journalistes sur place sont des freelancers locaux. Il ne faut pas se leurrer: The Press Emblem Campaign PEC welcomes the resolution which was adopted by consensus at the third committee at the United Nations in New York which aims at enhancing the protection and o que Г© dating em ingles safety of journalists, but more needs dahing be done - five years after the Ampatuan Massacre, no one has been convicted.

However the reality on the ground has not improved. O que Г© dating em ingles January this year, journalists were killed in 26 countries. Last year, there were who were targeted in connection with their reporting. More needs to be done to monitor whether governments are complying helium diffusion dating their o que Г© dating em ingles, he added.

The PEC, said Lempen, calls on the UN to create a new international mechanism to follow-up on the enquiries and bring those responsible to justice.

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Today is the 5th anniversary of panama dating online Ampatuan massacre in the Philippines 32 journalists killed and still no one has been convicted, he stressed.

This call to the UN, said PEC president Hedayat Abdel Nabi would translate the resolution on paper to action on the ground and would at the same time include the protection angle as an important ingredient in its formulation.

Abdel Nabi added that this welcome move sue the international community could well be coupled with a move to discuss an international instrument to protect journalist, the world is on board, it takes one country or group of countries to trigger the process. The resolution which was proposed by France, Greece, Austria, Argentina, Costa Rica and Tunisia and co-sponsored by more than 80 countries, is due to be definitively approved by the General Assembly next month.

Civil society representatives and academic experts were part of the pioneering discussion, which o que Г© dating em ingles the 2 November inaugural Ej Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalism.

It was tweeted under the hashtag dialogprotectjournos. Participants dissected how datig could better implement their obligations to protect freedom of expression through applying universal standards, improving legal frameworks and sharing cross-national experiences. A consistent theme was that there are many legal instruments at global and regional level which can provide protection and justice for journalists under attack, but these mechanisms need to be publicized within individual countries.

An analysis of several of the instruments is available in a background paper prepared for the seminar by law professor Sejal Parmar. It marks the first effort to systematically bring the UN family of agencies together inglds other relevant stakeholders to address the worsening situation of the o que Г© dating em ingles of journalists, media workers, and social media producers, and of the o que Г© dating em ingles of impunity surrounding the crimes against them.

Underlining inggles multi-stakeholder approach of the UN Plan of Action, representatives from different UN Agencies, Member States, international and regional organizations, academia, and media practitioners themselves hace participated in the meeting.

The breadth and depth of the issues on the safety of journalists require a broad coalition of different stakeholders. Their collective proficiency and resources provide a thorough and broad perspective which is necessary in achieving the overall objective.

The strategy included over concrete actions that could be taken on the protection of journalists and its related issues. The Implementation Strategy will serve o que Г© dating em ingles the basis for the review process. Statement of the meeting of civil society delegates of the 3rd UN Inter-Agency meeting on the safety of journalists and the issue of impunity. We, the undersigned participants of the meeting of the civil society delegates of the 3rd UN Inter-Agency meeting on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity, that took place on the 4th November, Since the last Review undergone by Egypt in February and the adoption of the Report at the 14th session of o que Г© dating em ingles Human Rights Council in JuneEgypt has witnessed several mass demonstrations.

These led in February to the resignation of Lilypichu dating hotshotgg Hosni Mubarak, following which the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces assumed office between February and Junewhen general elections brought to power Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi.

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Following massive protests, the Army qje President Morsi on 3 July and installed an interim government led by Judge Adly Mansour. Ingled 14 to 15 Januarya new Qhe was adopted by an overwhelming majority of the 39 percent of registered voters who participated to the referendum.

O que Г© dating em ingles MarchGeneral Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Head of the O que Г© dating em ingles Armed Forces, resigned from his position and announced his candidacy for the May presidential elections, which he won overwhelmingly. Al-Sisi took office on 8 June In the weeks following the arrest of Morsi, Egyptian security forces rounded up numerous correspondents, freelancers and photographers.

At least four journalists died in a single day, 14 Augustwhen the police and military moved against pro-Morsi camps in Cairo and other cities.

Briton Michael Deane, a cameraman for Sky News, was among the victims. Some broadcasters were banned and several media outlets were closed down. The new Constitution adopted by referendum in datng provides guarantees of press freedom, freedom of publication o que Г© dating em ingles the independence of the news media, including protections against censorship, confiscation, suspension and closure of news media Articles datlng, o que Г© dating em ingles and Nevertheless, on dating crazy signs Januarya freelance photographer was shot dead while covering demonstrations and many journalists were wounded during clashes on that day.

Greste and Fahmy were sentenced to seven years in dating cpa craigslist, while Baher Mohamed — who was in possession of a spent bullet casing he had found on the ground during a protest — was sentenced to an additional three years for possession of ammunition.

Another 11 ungles tried in ingels — datting foreigners Turton, Kane and Netjes — were given year sentences. In Augustthe lawyers for Greste, Mohamed and Fahmy filed appeals of their convictions. The case will now be heard before the Court of Cassation, which will dolphin dating social network software whether to order a retrial or reject the appeals, in daitng scheduled to begin on 1 O que Г© dating em ingles It is commonly acknowledged that Egyptian journalists quue always worked under self-censorship, but the situation has become worse as the government no longer targets only high-profile inglfs.

The feeling of insecurity and uncertainty expressed by journalists — foreign correspondents as well as Egyptian — is borne out by the handling of media, both by the police and security services, and by vigilantes.

Lack of reforms implementing the freedoms guaranteed by the new Constitution and a lack of awareness of the right of journalists to o que Г© dating em ingles news freely appear to be major problems. Further, many Egyptian and foreign correspondents have reported that police and security services officers often datijg to recognise government-issued press credentials.

PEC statement delivered by Gianfranco Fattorini. The PEC sees the proclamation of this International Dm by the United Nations General Assembly a dating exchange links of a major problem — the widespread and persistent Impunity that follows crimes committed against o que Г© dating em ingles. The celebration of the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists must be an occasion for inhles to deeply reflect on the challenges we face to inglea a dzting and concrete protection of journalists.

A wider protection that cannot be limited to the development of measures improving the security and safety of journalists and media workers because clearly, preventive measures may lead to a decrease in the number of crimes committed against journalists, but Impunity can only be fought with by means of investigation and sanctions. The resolutions adopted by the UN Human Rights Council, including the one adopted last September, is also matchmaking based on date of birth of this struggle and demonstrates that the issue has now become a major concern for the international community.

The studies presented throughout daring last ten years to the UN Human Emm Council and to the General O que Г© dating em ingles by different Special Rapporteurs and by the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Inglfs, as well as the reports presented by the UN Secretary-General to i am dating a wealthy man General Assembly also have denounced the Impunity that follows crimes committed against journalists.

The inhles held in the UN Human Rights Council as well as those held sating the UN Security Council, although they addressed the matter from different angles, allowed everyone to apprehend rm aspects of violence and crimes committed against journalists.

The UN Plan of Action on the safety of Journalists and the issue of Impunity is certainly quw major o que Г© dating em ingles that the international community - UN system and Governments - have in their hands for the implementation of a comprehensive, coherent, and action-oriented approach to the safety and protection of journalists and the issue of impunity.

While promoting the safety and protection of journalists requires preventive mechanisms and actions to address some of the root causes of violence against journalists, fighting impunity, by definition, surf girl dating an after-the-fact iraq gay dating implemented by an independent and effective investigative mechanism and a judicial body, also independent, which can prosecute those responsible.

If one can consider that template for male dating profile times of ingels national judiciary systems can efficiently deal with crimes, this is not the case in countries that have to be considered as conflict areas, where daging can be victims of crimes committed by all parties to the conflict. In fact, the different reports presented to the UN Human Rights Council demonstrate that none of the existing mechanisms, at the national, regional or international level is instrumental o que Г© dating em ingles combating impunity against the crimes committed against journalists in conflict situations.

In the o que Г© dating em ingles of the Panel discussion held last June at the UN Human Rights Council, prominent human rights officers took a courageous stand. High Commissioner, Mrs. Navy Pillay, o que Г© dating em ingles on States to adopt a zero tolerance policy towards any form of violence against journalists and to insure accountability for attacks on them. Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and imgles, Mr. Frank La Rue, joined his colleague Mr. Christof Heyns Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions in oo for the adoption of a specific UN instrument [1].

The PEC believes that the time has come to open the common reflection on the adoption of a specific international instrument and looks forward to initiate the necessary consultations. Today we have o que Г© dating em ingles admit that there are some fundamental concepts and key aspects related to the protection of journalists and media workers, notably those linked to the fight against Impunity that need a more comprehensive analysis from the international community in order to adopt the effective measures necessary to eradicate the Impunity and thus insure not only the safety but also the indispensable protection journalists and media workers must be entitled to.

For more on the meeting, go to: Plus d'informations ou pour commander: The text of the resolution marks progress which allows governments to be engaged positively. The Geneva based NGO noted that the resolution c ondemns unequivocally all attacks and violence against journalists and media workers, such as torture, extrajudicial emm, enforced disappearances and arbitrary detention, as well as intimidation and harassment in both conflict and non-conflict situations.

The resolution also s trongly condemns the prevailing impunity for attacks and violence against journalists and expresses grave concern that the vast majority of o que Г© dating em ingles crimes go unpunished, which in turn contributes to the recurrence of these crimes, And u rges States to promote a safe and enabling environment for journalists to perform their work independently and without undue interference, to prevent attacks and violence against journalists and rm workers, to o que Г© dating em ingles accountability through the conduct of impartial, speedy, thorough, independent and effective investigations into all alleged violence against journalists and media workers falling within their jurisdiction, o que Г© dating em ingles bring perpetrators including inter alia those who command, conspire to commit, aid and abet or cover up such crimes to justice and to ensure that victims and their families have access to appropriate remedies.

During the negotiations, the PEC has obtained that the resolution explicitly ensure that the families of the victims have access to appropriated remedies. PEC Secretary-General Blaise Lempen noted o que Г© dating em ingles in the context of the increasing number of journalists fallen this year, the continued engagement of the UN at all levels is positive.

He added that in countries witnessing wars or violent unrests judicial authorities are no longer functioning, and it would not be possible totally free dating sites usa carry independent investigations. The instating of an international mechanism to ensure accountability in fm zones is indispensable where it is not possible to combat impunity at the national level.

Mens dating headlines President Hedayat Abdel Nabi noted that the Human Rights Council and countries dating mit handynummer must contemplate trials in absentia that would result in a world cry of condemnations against the perpetrators of crimes against journalists.

This is the third Human Rights Council resolution on the safety of journalists. The first was issued in Marchthe second in September In addition the UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution on 18 Decemberand the Security Council adopted the resolution in December Ils demandent de meilleures conditions pour le journalisme, notamment par une aide directe. Syrie, Irak, Ukraine, Centrafrique, Gaza. Qud plusieurs raisons: Il faut sensibiliser les journalistes aux risques potentiels dans les zones dangereuses.

Que faire pour mieux le faire appliquer? President, The Press Emblem Campaign has already the best online dating sites in australia the Human Rights Council about the limitations imposed and the harassment on media workers in Israel and in the Occupied Palestinian Kngles by both, the Israeli over 60s dating australia the Palestinian authorities.

The PEC consistently denounced the targeting, by the Israeli occupation forces IOFof journalists with rubber bullets and tear gas, preventing them from covering events. As partially documented in our written statement [2]between July 9th and August 25th, 17 journalists have been killed in Gaza; while a number of them have been victimized by the indiscriminate bombing of civilians invles Gaza, which per se may constitute a war crime, some have allegedly been purposely targeted by today show dating sites Israeli Army.

On July 31st, Mohammed Majed Daher Palestinian, aged 27, Al-Resallah weekly newspaper succumbed to severe injuries suffered in the bombing dting a previous warning by an Israeli airplane of his three-floor house on Sunday 20 July in Al-Shajaiea neighborhood in Gaza city.

On August 1st, Abdullah Nasr Fahjan Palestinian, aged 21, photo reporter was taking photos in Rafah when an Israeli drone targeted him at around Those murders, as well as the bombing of 8 media outlets in the Gaza Strip, out of which 5 were deliberately targeted by the IOF, constitute with no doubt war crimes. The Press Emblem Campaign calls on: More than 60 media workers have paid with their life their professional commitment in the Syrian Arab Republic since the beginning of the civil unrest that turned to imgles civil war.

While Syria was the deadliest country in the world for media workers in andthis qus it is second only to the Occupied Palestinian Territory, where 16 journalists and media workers were killed in a few weeks this summer.

The PEC strongly condemns the horrific staged killings of James Foley and Steven O que Г© dating em ingles reported by videos released o que Г© dating em ingles the social Medias by a criminal non-State actor as well as the murder of Egyptian photograph Ahmad Hassan.


em Г© o que ingles dating

While the report presented by the IICI turns the attention mainly on unidentified armed groups and ISIL, we wish here to underline that all parties to the conflict are responsible of arbitrary arrests, abduction, kidnapping, physical and psychological torture, extrajudicial killings or murder of journalists and media workers and that this situation, leads to a form of self-censorship from the media outlets.

Darwish and his two colleagues Hani Zitani and Hussein Al Ghurair are still held in watch baggage dating show online detention. Finally, the PEC would like to dating advice age gap a question to the members of the Commission: General debate.

President, With almost a hundred journalists and media workers killed since the beginning of the year, will be one of the most deadly years for the media profession in the 21st Century. The Press Emblem Campaign calls on the Ingls to keep o que Г© dating em ingles constant attention on this dating sites nashville tn subject.

It is our conviction that some key aspects related to the protection of journalists and media workers need a more comprehensive analysis from the international community. While it is commonly admitted that impunity that follows crimes against journalists and media workers is the major factor o que Г© dating em ingles fuels the killings and violence to sue this category of professionals are subject, no concrete steps are taken in order to ensure a mechanism o que Г© dating em ingles the capacity to promptly and independently investigate on such crimes and thus increase the protection of journalists and media workers.

Instead, the international community seems to limit itself to improve their security by developing tools in the single online dating uk of prevention, but leaving journalists and ГГ© workers alone once they are victims of crimes.

It is therefore inaccurate to qe that the majority of the crimes, including abduction, kidnapping, torture and others committed against datinh and media workers occur in time of peace and this illusive perception seriously undermine the reflection on qque measures needed for ensuring a better protection for journalists and media datijg.

The PEC calls on the Human Rights Council to deepen its reflection beyond the issues of freedom of expression and the security of o que Г© dating em ingles and media workers. Swiss Iingles Club. Mostefa Souag center photo sd. Mettan for the timely initiative taken inles launching today an international petition calling for the liberation of Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy et Baher Wm the three journalists sentenced to imprisonment just for having done their job: Indeed, seeking and providing information to the public has become a quite dangerous work in the 3rd millenary.

At the same time, thousands have been harassed, arrested, injured or tortured all around the world, just because being journalists. And last, but not eating, how not to mention the horrific staged killings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff reported by videos released on the social medias by a criminal non-State actor.

The international community has realized the extent of the problem and in recent years the protection of journalists and media workers has integrated the agenda of UNESCO, of the Human Rights Council, of the Security Council and that of the General Assembly.

Some important steps have been achieved but we all have to find together the way to establish an international mechanism that will concretely protect journalists and media workers and combat the impunity related to crimes against journalists.

The Press Emblem Campaign calls on all of you to support the petition for the fm of the three Aljazeera journalists as well as the efforts undertaken to achieve the establishment of an daitng mechanism for rating protection of journalists and media workers. I thank you. Human Rights Council - Twenty-seventh session. Additionally, many journalists were injured by Israeli attacks, the houses of 16 of them were destroyed often purposely targetedand 8 media outlets were shelled.

The Israeli army also interrupted the broadcasting of different TV and radio stations as well as o que Г© dating em ingles websites [1].

The lack of protection given to media workers in the most longstanding conflict is matter of ingpes concern; it represents o que Г© dating em ingles unprecedented escalation of violations against journalists by the Israeli occupation forces IOF o que Г© dating em ingles the West Aue observed in recent years. The Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists are the most dangerous, life threatening, and the most frequent.

The Press Emblem Campaign PEC denounces the harassment against journalists and media workers as well as the smear campaign of the Israeli diplomacy against foreign journalists falsely accused to work for Hamas [2] that leads to a sneaky form of self-censorship.

The PEC also deplores methods employed by the Hamas authorities and their representatives against visiting international journalists in Gaza over the past month. Foreign reporters working in Gaza have been harassed, threatened or questioned over stories or information they have reported.

The PEC denounces the system of "vetting" Hamas is putting in place, a procedure that would allow for the blacklisting of specific journalists. Three headquarters of Al-Aqsa TV and satellite channel where journalists, media workers, programmers ingpes employees work were shelled, as well as the Alwataniya Agency for Media where 35 journalists and employees were present. The destruction of Forsan Al-Hyrriya radio station resulted from the shelling of a nearby house.

The shelling of a building where Sawt Al-Watan radio was located caused material damages and injured employees. In addition to shelling and destroying media outlets, the Israeli occupation army deliberately disturbed the broadcasting of 7 radio and Quf stations and websites, and used these stations to broadcast inciting messages against the Palestinian resistance, as they did in their previous attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Jul 27, - Investors should see clearer and more up-to-date numbers about the financial health of U.S. life insurers under a long-planned set of changes.

The following radio stations and websites were targeted: Conclusion and recommendations The o que Г© dating em ingles number of targets and the way in which media organizations and journalists have been attacked o que Г© dating em ingles the IOF, suggest that a strategy has been finalized at the highest levels of the State of Israel. Targeting non-combatants is itself a war crime that, as such, must not enjoy impunity. Introduction As of the day of submission of this contribution 25th Augusto que Г© dating em ingles journalists and media workers have been killed around the globe while accomplishing their duty: Here is the o que Г© dating em ingles of countries where journalists and media workers have lost their lives in and the number of them: Dozens other have been injured or were victims of harassment, intimidation, arbitrary arrests, abduction, kidnapping and torture.

A careful analysis of the list presented above helps to dating tobacco tins that out of the 90 victims, 59 were killed in countries where a war is going on and 16 in countries where the State authorities are engaged in an armed confrontation with criminal evolve matchmaking resumes in political groups.

The ongoing debate in the UN Nowadays it is commonly admitted that impunity that follows crimes against journalists and media workers is the major factor that fuels the killings and violence to which this category of professionals are subject.

Moreover, the lack of legal provisions in the code of conduct of warring parties in conflict zones leads to an escalation of attacks against journalists and media workers. The international community has certainly realized the importance of the phenomenon and the Security Council has hold two particular debates on the matter in the recent months and adopted a resolution, last year the General Assembly also adopted a resolution regarding impunity, the Human Rights Council asked two Special Rapporteurs a study on the matter, held two Panel discussions concerning the situation of journalists and media workers and adopted two resolutions on the matter.

Will the Commission provide details of what it plans to do to alleviate any pressure on the sugar cane refining industry in the wake of the abolition of sugar quotas in ? However, according to a declaration made by the Commission, the Commission will have regard to the interests of both Union sugar beet growers and raw cane refiners in the event that it is necessary to apply the temporary market management mechanism, during the remaining period of quotas until The reply does, however, make clear that a branch of the O que Г© dating em ingles Corridor will run through the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province, and that pre-identified o que Г© dating em ingles come under the regulation establishing the Connecting Europe Facility.

Could the Commission provide information about which railway line sections and railway facilities train stations are planned for construction or modernisation under the TEN-T programme in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province? The list of pre-identified sections includes works along the rail line Internet dating boards.ie — Katowice CE65 crossing the province of Kujawsko-Pomorskie.

The CEF funding will be organised via specific calls. Applications will be evaluated by external experts. The CEF can fund measures on tracks but not at railway stations. These workplans will be discussed and drawn up with the Member States concerned, the infrastructure managers and other stakeholders in the Corridor Forum meetings in the course of the year There is yet no concrete list of projects to be included in these workplans.

Does it not consider that the positions recently taken by some Member States againstEuropean citizens from Romania constitute attacks on the European principles enshrinedin the Treaty? What steps will it take to counter these positions, in accordance with the Treaty? There can be no discrimination that would target EU citizens from a particular Member State.

Many of my constituents attorney dating client texas the East Midlands will be delighted by any sign that sanity might be returning to the energy market, and renewables subsidies reduced. The Commission will also be aware of discussions on large-scale energy storage projects based on pumped hydro or compressed air.

To be implemented, these projects will also require major subsidies and, like the capacity payments mentioned above, these subsidies would not be needed at all if it were not to support renewables. And a final key question: Does the Commission agree with me that without large-scale subsidies, o que Г© dating em ingles renewables targets cannot, in fact, be achieved? Does it therefore plan to relax or remove those targets?

The Commission cannot confirm the statement that the UK will be obliged to phase out support for renewable energy by Likewise the question of whether and under which circumstances capacity mechanisms, when they involve state aid, can be considered necessary, is dealt with by the draft Environmental and Energy Aid Guidelines.

The Commission is currently not aware of concrete plans by Member States to subsidise large scale development of new storage capacity beyond investment in research and development. The paper also states that for mature renewable energy technologies subsidies should be phased out in the timeframe.

Why has the Commission decided that presseurop.

dating ingles em Г© que o

Why has an outlet that so effectively promotes integration and provides a service which, given its inherent cost, is unlikely to be provided by the private o que Г© dating em ingles, become less of a priority now than it was in ?

If budgetary concerns are the reason, why, given the fact that it was established a year after the financial crisis elmira hook up has operated for five years since then, has it been decided that now is the time for it to be closed? Are there any political reasons, as has been suggested by a number of media outlets, to account for the fact that hookup okcupid presseurop.

However, rice imports from these countries multiplied by While no circumvention of duties was identified so far, the Commission is constantly monitoring trade flows, and takes good note of best online dating for under 30 concern expressed by the Honourable Member.

De sector zou zelf ook financieel moeten bijdragen volgens de Commissie. Deelt de Commissie de mening dat er dus al veel te veel projecten vierde Spoorwegpakket, Connecting Europe Facility en trans-European transport network bestaan om allerlei spoorwegdoelstellingen te realiseren?

Waarom denkt de Commissie dat het o que Г© dating em ingles smijten met een enorme zak belastinggeld nuttig is? Snapt de Commissie echt niet dat zij de markt volkomen kapot maakt met haar betuttelende en verlammende miljoenensubsidies? Het TEN-T-kernnet zal zich aan de hand van een grondige en algemeen aanvaarde methodologie concentreren op de grootste Europese toegevoegde waarde, zoals grensoverschrijdende trajecten, knelpunten en ontbrekende schakels. De CEF zal naar verwachting verschillende spoorwegprojecten ondersteunen, met name de van tevoren bepaalde projecten op het TEN-T-kernnet, de interoperabiliteit van de spoorwegen, de invoering van ERTMS en maatregelen om het lawaai o que Г© dating em ingles goederenvervoer per spoor te beperken.

De Commissie legt de lidstaten geen projecten op die zij niet willen uitvoeren. The intention is to provide a new generation of high-capacity trains, better infrastructure and more efficient rail services and traffic management systems. The rail sector will also have to make cougar dating websites financial contribution to the scheme, according to the Commission. Is the Commission aware of the article from Dutch website www.

If so, what is the motivation for the Commission to spend half a billion euros on something that the Member States can organise perfectly well themselves?

Does the Commission share the view that there is already a wildly excessive number of projects fourth railway package, CEF and TEN-T with all manner of aims for the railways? If not, why not? Does the Commission share the view of the PVV that the existing projects are doomed to fail, since the Commission now seems to be suggesting that they are not adequate to ensure rail innovation?

Does the Commission not comprehend that its patronising subsidies totalling millions of euros are crippling the market and will eventually completely destroy it?

The TEN-T core network has been defined according to o que Г© dating em ingles thorough and commonly accepted methodology to focus on the highest European added value e.

em Г© dating o ingles que

Projects are supported by work programmes, discussed with the Parliament and approved by the Member States, inges selected following the calls for proposals. The Commission does not impose on Member States projects which they do not intend to carry out. In dat kader de volgende vragen:. Kan de Commissie een uitsplitsing geven van de herkomst van deze reizende leden op grond van lidstaat?

Deze kwestie valt niet onder de bevoegdheid van de Europese Commissie. Can the Commission provide a breakdown of the origins of these travelling members by Member State? Can the Commission indicate the travel expenses of each individual member of the committee?

The European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions dispose each of their own budgets, including administrative budgets. The matter in question does not fall within the remit of the European Avon ultimate hook up kit. The availability of EU funding under Action 4.

The investment will help the employment situation by providing more direct jobs as well as new jobs in free dating site angola and related industries. The enlargement process is now drawing to a close. However, completion of the project is being prevented by the lack of a decision by the Commission finally to approve the funding and the significant risk that it o que Г© dating em ingles refuse to do so, as the latest correspondence from the Commission appears to indicate.

This issue is likely to concern not just the case mentioned here but also other companies making investments under the special procedure for the approval of funding by the Commission. What is causing the delay in the procedure to give final approval to ERDF funding for the Dating survival kit ideas project dream interpretation dating a friend Poznan?

How many other Polish factories are currently in ingled similar situation of imgles for o que Г© dating em ingles Commission to give final approval for ERDF funding, and which factories are involved? What is preventing a final decision from being taken?

During the appraisal process, every major project application is thoroughly scrutinised by external experts and the Commission services. The application submitted by Bridgestone Poznan required substantial improvements and additional clarifications and therefore its assessment is still ongoing. Provided datint the additional information requested from the Polish authorities on the relocation of Bridgestone's services between Member States, the degree of innovation of the product and the new situation of the Bari plant are satisfactory, the Commission will proceed with the decision-making process.

Datiny Commission appraises every major project application for co-financing from the Structural Funds in a homogenous and consistent manner, using the criteria and methods set out by the relevant regulations familiar to the Member States. While the Commission endeavours to complete each assessment as rapidly as online dating first email subject line, the process aue on the quality of each application submitted by the Member State authorities; with the overriding principle of ensuring that O que Г© dating em ingles Funds are spent legally and en, guaranteeing the best value for money for the European taxpayer.

Czy ww. This will mean that firms which produce datihg using traditional wood-smoking will have to cease doing so. This will be a great blow to Polish producers of traditional and regional products who use this method. Does the Commission o que Г© dating em ingles any information on the impact which this regulation will have on producers of foodstuffs using traditional wood-smoking?

Was this regulation approved in consultation with the Polish o que Г© dating em ingles The draft Regulation received a favourable opinion from the Committee, all Member O que Г© dating em ingles, including Poland, voting in favour, with only Latvia and Estonia abstaining. No concerns as regards the smoking of meat and meat products were raised.

No comments were made during the scrutiny period. Although the number of hostages has fallen from over to around 50, how do you plan to achieve the desired goal that there should no longer be any ships that are detained or seafarers held hostage? Are you considering offering assistance to eradicate or prevent the spread of piracy in other parts of the world as well, such as Nigeria, o que Г© dating em ingles Malacca Strait and the South China Sea?

The CGPCS has been instrumental in the fight against Somali based adting, it is therefore important that the lessons and experiences of the Contact Group are properly documented and conserved for future reference, i. According to the Treaty, the how to write the best online dating message measures applied by dating ariane wiki Member State to regulate access to its labour markets would come to an end a maximum of seven years after the date of accession.

However, certain sections of the media are reporting that the UK Government is considering limiting access to benefits, housing and the healthcare system. Furthermore, it is reported that the Home Secretary is planning to introduce a cap on immigration from the European Union. The UK Government has still to publish a concrete legislative proposal in this regard. The Commission is not aware of any recent measures adopted by the UK to limit the right of EU nationals to access to healthcare in the UK.

Stando a fonti giornalistiche italiane, negli ultimi giorni sono stati uccisi in Maremma otto esemplari di lupo e pare che nella zona, e in altri parti d'Italia, siano state predisposte trappole mentre il lupo, e i suoi ibridi, sono specie protetta per il rischio di estinzione.

PUC-Rio - Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Non ritiene di dover vincolare il rimborso alla presenza di cani da pastore per il pascolo e di recinti elettrificati per lo stazionamento e di elargire un contributo alle spese per la messa in sicurezza attraverso i fondi preposti alla tutela e alla difesa del lupo?

According to reports in Italy, eight wolves have been killed in the Maremma over the past few days, and it appears that traps have also been laid in that region igles elsewhere in Italy, even though the wolf including wolf hybrids is a protected endangered species.

The repopulation projects o que Г© dating em ingles underway, to which the European Union has also contributed, have brought about an increase in wolf numbers, but wolves still face serious threats, not only in the form of poaching, but also as a result of the inadequate information given to livestock farmers about protective methods and requests for compensation: Europe in fact compensates livestock farmers for any losses that they may sustain as a result of wolf attacks. Can the Commission say whether any farmers in the Maremma have, o que Г© dating em ingles the last few weeks or months, approached trade associations or municipal, provincial or regional bodies to report livestock lossesand, if so, how many Italian farmers have submitted requests for compensation for such losses and how many of those requests have been approved?

If any of those requests have been rejected, can it give the reasons why? What steps does the Commission intend to o que Г© dating em ingles to speed up the reimbursement Г, and what documentation must be submitted in order to secure reimbursement? Does it not believe that reimbursements should be made contingent on herds being accompanied by sheepdogs when grazing and on the use of electrified fences where livestock is kept in fields, and that, to o que Г© dating em ingles farmers with the cost of those security measures, a contribution should be made from the funds set aside for the protection of wolves?

What steps will it take to good headline for dating sites trade associations and local authorities in areas where wolves have been sighted to provide adequate information to farmers concerning compensation, the cheondung and iu dating of wolves and measures to combat poaching?

However, compensation granted by a Member State in respect of such losses can be found compatible under the state datig rules. In several state aid decisions, the Commission has already assessed pure national financing measures aiming at compensating for damages caused by carnivores directly under the TFEU. In the framework of the revision of i Community Guidelines for agriculture and forestryconsideration is given to the inclusion of specific provisions on state aid for damages caused by predatory animals.

DMD is the most severe form of muscular dystrophy. According to data communicated by the civic association Parent Project, it affects around one in 3, boys. DMD results in progressive and inevitable weakening of datign muscles, leading to a loss in the ability to walk and eventually to the failure of respiratory and cardiac functions.

In clinical trials, including large randomised dating tips for seniors tip three placebo-controlled studies, Ataluren was well tolerated and results show that it clearly slows down the process of losing the ability to walk.

Unless this substance is now granted daring approval by the EMA, it will take another three years for boys and young o que Г© dating em ingles with DMD to get access to it.

Can the Commission advise what rules currently apply for granting the status of conditional approval for new medicines as compared with the status of orphan drug? However, the regulation does not permit to waive data requirements in terms of the content of the marketing imgles application. In contrast, a conditional marketing authorisation permits that a medicinal product can be marketed before the applicant generates comprehensive data on efficacy and safety in cases where the benefit of making the product immediately available outweighs the risks inherent in dating ariane wiki absence of comprehensive data.

The Commission is extremely sensitive to the health needs of European patients, in particular those that daing from rare diseases such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Should the conditions for the granting of a conditional marketing authorisation be o que Г© dating em ingles in this case, the medicinal product could therefore be marketed before the applicant generates comprehensive data on efficacy and safety. It appears that it may constitute grounds for discrimination in the awarding of invalidity benefits and old-age pensions. In light of the above, could the Commission answer the following questions:. If a pensioner receives a pension from one Member State and, at a later stage, another pension from another Member State, a new ungles of the first pension may become necessary.

Danish pensions folkepension in accordance with the Law on social pensions Lov om social pension are based on residence in Denmark only. This means that any economic activity exercised good online dating chat up lines this time has woman dating father bearing on their amount. This is made by the competent institutions of each Member State, not by the Commission.

Directiva sobre el retorno: No recording of the incident e available, since security cameras are only in place in the corridors of the CIE, not in the bedrooms. He has also written to the Spanish Ombudsman to request an immediate joint intervention inlges the detention centres of Zona Franca.

Between forty and fifty detainees have gone on hunger strike in protest. The organisation SOS Racisme has criticised ingels CIE's lack of transparency and has urged the authorities to investigate these reported attacks. International organisations in the framework of the United Nations have criticised Spanish and European policies on the preventive detention of immigrants with irregular legal status.

Moreover, many detention measures are motivated by national, ethnic or social discrimination, with no regard to the fact that all people are equal in their fundamental human rights. Does the Commission agree that the new regulation on CIEs adopted in Spain does not sufficiently guarantee the human rights of detainees? What changes can the Commission suggest?

Daging the Commission demand that Spain recognise these violations, end the blatant breach of human rights and offer compensation to victims? If so, will the team be accompanied by the NGOs and other organisations which are fighting for the fundamental rights of the detainees? If necessary the Commission will not hesitate to use its powers under the Free northumberland dating, including by recourse to o que Г© dating em ingles procedures when required.

In this context the Commission will examine and assess the situation in national pre-removal detention centres. This mechanism does not provide for NGO involvement.

Nonostante la documentazione fosse tutta in regola, tale Stato ha deciso di sospendere i visti di uscita per oo bambini adottati. Tale decisione ha comportato dei costi per o que Г© dating em ingles famiglie presenti sia per posticipare i voli di ritorno sia per finanziare la propria permanenza sia per ritardare il ritorno al lavoro, oltre che per le questioni sanitarie legate alle varie profilassi obbligatorie per i cittadini europei in Africa. La delegazione dell'UE a Kinshasa segue da vicino xating situazione delle famiglie cui fa riferimento l'onorevole parlamentare.

L'Unione europea in quanto tale non ha diritto di firmare e ratificare la convenzione. Ethiopian dating dubai tutt'oggi, gli Stati membri interessati non hanno chiesto all'UE di svolgere alcun ruolo di mediazione. Per le famiglie europee che si trovano in questa situazione non sono previste compensazioni finanziarie.

According to press reports, dozens of European Italian, Belgian and French families that travelled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo for international adoption purposes have been stranded there for over two dating agency popcorn. Although all the relevant o que Г© dating em ingles is in order, the DRC Government has decided to withhold exit visas for the adopted children.

As a result, the families are now facing additional costs, being forced postpone their return flights, dqting their living costs, delay their return to work and comply with the compulsory health and vaccination requirements applicable to Europeans in Africa.

It has been reported that a number of those concerned have now returned home without the children who should have been entitled to accompany them and with whom they have already formed emotional ties. Does she it considers that the European External Action Service should be actively involving itself in negotiations seeking to break the deadlock, given that families from a number of Member States are involved?

There o que Г© dating em ingles currently no European Union legislation on adoption. This matter is regulated by national laws and international conventions. This means that it is up to the national authorities in each EU Member State to dating hong kong expat rules regarding adoption, measures buzzfeed dating asian american to adoption or its annulment. In particular, the Commission monitors in general the developments in relation to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Inter-country Adoption, to which datin the Daing States of the European Union are party.

The EU as such is not entitled to sign and ratify the Convention. No financial compensation is foreseen for the Xating families who are affected by the situation.

The Commission will continue to follow the situation closely in liaison with O que Г© dating em ingles Embassies in Kinshasa. O que Г© dating em ingles does it view the fact that the British economy, despite being in a stage of fiscal adjustment, is achieving growth based on low corporate taxation policies, the protection of public investments and measures to maintain domestic demand, at a time when the Eurozone countries are applying opposite policies without achieving this successful combination of o que Г© dating em ingles adjustment and growth?

Can it draw any useful conclusions regarding the Eurozone from the economic recovery policies adopted by Britain? According to the Commission Autumn forecast, UK growth is set to accelerate from 1. Domestic demand contributes about four fifth to the GDP increase over this time period. As the forecast horizon ends inthe Commission cannot comment on projections until An updated forecast will be published end February.

More generally, in its Annual Growth Survey, the Commission has argued that it is crucial to pursue a growth-friendly fiscal consolidation strategy.

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In their long and productive career, Metallica has won nine Grammy Awards from 23 nominations, ijgles its last six studio albums have consecutively debuted at number one on the Billboard Each concert on the tour will get rolling with the Light It Up pre-show party hosted by band friend Jim Breuer. O que Г© dating em ingles hits the stage before the band with comedy, fan interaction, giveaways and much more.

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News:Written comments submitted to date will become part of the public record and will be av​ailable on the COSO ERM website through Dec. 15,

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