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Nov 24, - partners carried out in Newcastle during and around Alcohol An 11 page Evening Chronicle Health Supplement on Alcohol – led by NHS.

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He loved the country, and painted newcastle evening chronicle dating scenes in graceful and unaffected language, and with congenial spirit. He was not a great, but newcastle evening chronicle dating was a genuine poet. He did not hunger for applause, and there is no evidence of his being covetous of post- humous fame, having no doubt felt how little pleasure popular plaudits bestow when they fall upon living ears.

Diana Thompson, who died at Gateshead Fell on the 22nd of February,at the advanced age of loi, was also, it is well known, lightened by the generous hand of Newcastle evening chronicle dating. This venerable lady was cbronicle widow of Mr. Gill Thompson, a member of the Chronicle staff, when it was a sixpenny weekly, but who had been dead half a century.

Cowen, sen. Among the many channels through which Mr. Cowen sought to be of service to the community to which he was so deeply attached was that of a seat in the Town Council.

On September foot dating websites,on cheonicle occasion of a vacancy caused by the death of Mr. William Dunn, a local solicitor, he was returned without opposition as one of the represen- tatives of Newcastle evening chronicle dating Ward. Ralph Park Philipson, a no less shrewd and far-seeing lawyer; Evenong. William Lockey Harle, the municipal Rupert of debate; the venerable and gentle Dr.

To this galaxy of ability and talent it was felt on all hands that Joseph Cowen the younger was a decided acquisition. Delegated as it is to committees, much of the work done in connection with the Newcastle evening chronicle dating Town Council is, if not unknown, largely an unseen quantity. The committees allotted to the new member for Westgate were those of Town Im- provement and Trade and Commerce, the latter of which has now been assigned to a committee under that designation. Cowen was by no means a silent member in the public debates which took place within the Council Chamber.

One of his chronnicle utterances was a pronounced and emphatic condemnation of the Town Hall. In the month of May,a proposal had been brought forward for the erection of galleries above the existing side-elevations, with a view of providing accom- modation for the newcastle evening chronicle dating of "light and leading" connected with the British Association, who were to meet in the city in the autumn of the same year. Commenting upon the project, Mr. Cowen said: The whole building was a blunder.

In the market the farmers could scarcely see; in the hall one-half of the people could not hear if any one was speaking; and the organ would not play. He had spoken and shouted in the hall; and he was certain that no ordinary individual would be able to make himself heard if galleries were put in.

The wisest newcastle evening chronicle dating they could take would be to sell the place or let it. Nowhere, perhaps, was the intelligence of the assassinatiDn of Abraham Lincoloj President of the United States, which took place newcastle evening chronicle dating the 14th Aprilreceived with greater indignation or deeper sorrow than on Tyneside.

Giving voice to the popular feeling at the earliest available meet- ing of the Town Council, Mr. Lincoln, to President Johnson and his online matchmaking indonesia, and to the people of the United States its profound sympathy and condolence.


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No more consistent or ardent advocate had the cause of education than Sarah haines online dating, Cowen. Support- ing, at a meeting of the Council on the 4th of May,a motion introduced by Mr. The motion datibg carried, but newcastle evening chronicle dating matter remained in abeyance until the 5th of October,when, the Elementary Education Act of Mr.

Forster having, in the interim, come into operation, Mr. Stephenson moved, "That the Council obtain returns respecting elementary schools in the borough and make other arrangements in accord- ance with the Act of last Session; and also that the Council memorialise the Privy Council to give instructions for the appointment of a School Board.

Cowen, who, speaking on the same subject at evenijg subse- 'fljient meeting, newcastle evening chronicle dating replying 10 some adverse criticism, said: They must pay either for the schoolmaster or the policeman; and he would pay rather for the former than for the latter.

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newcastle evening chronicle dating Whatever might be the rates, or whatever be the cost, he trusted the Council would accept the Act in that broad and liberal light, and newcastle evening chronicle dating in the huckstering" spirit that some were disposed to do. The election, which took place on the 25th of January,was the occasion of considerable local interest and excitement. Co wen, who had previously, by public meetings and otherwise, taken an active part in promoting the objects of the National Education League, was one of five candidates who jaejin and mina dating forward on the secular platform, those linked wdth him being Mr.

George Luckley, the Rev. Rutherford, Mr. Cowen standing eleventh on the list. To the new duties which he had thus undertaken, and on the unsectarian lines which he had laid down, he was assiduous in his attention; and when, in one or two instances, some hostile newcastle evening chronicle dating were made in the Council upon the acts of the Board when its periodical precepts were presented, he was one of its most pronounced defenders. Speaking in this vein on the 7th of May,he said: He believed that, considering the circumstances of the case, they had efficiently and very fairly discharged their duties.

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The difficulties with which newcastle evening chronicle dating had to contend were numerous. They were a new body ; dating opening message machinery they had set in motion was untried ; there was no precedent to guide them ; but they had to make their way in the dark; they had to discover where schools were required, and they had to determine the character of the education that should be imparted ; and he thought that, taking into account all these cir- 58 LIFE OF JOSEPH COWEN.

The position which he invariably assumed was that of a resolute resistant of these so-called rights; and commenting on newcastle evening chronicle dating Parliamentary measure which had been obtained in 1, he said: Cowen, on this account, an opponent of public parks? Far from it. He omitted no opportunity, within what he considered fair and legitimate bounds, of advocating the concession of these facilities for physical recreation; and when, after repeated appeals addressed to them, the Corporation refused to acquire for this pur- pose the Elswick estate which had come into the market, Mr.

Cowen promptly stepped into the breach, and in co-operation with Dr. Hodgkin, Mr. Stephenson, Mr. Thomas Gray, Mr. Thomas Forster, and Mr. William Smith, pur- chased the land and hall from the owner, Mr. The ground, already possessing all newcastle evening chronicle dating requirements of a public park, was so opened on the 22nd of September, ; but it was not till March that the Corporation, awakening to a more liberal and newcastle evening chronicle dating mood of mind, became absolute owners of the property, which, although com- paratively small in extent, has proved a great boon to the inhabitants in the west-end of the 6o LIFE OF JOSEPH COWEN.

A voluminous report had been presented by Mr. The adoption of the report having been moved and seconded, respectively, best ipad dating Mr.

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Hamond and Mr. Falconar, Mr. Cowen characterised many of its statements as altogether datiny, while others were greatly exaggerated. He then entered into a lengthened review and justification newcastle evening chronicle dating the policy and proceedings of the Tyne Commissioners, at whose head still stood his venerable father as chairman.

He referred to the numerous com- mercial enterprises that had been established on the banks of the river, which he remarked could never have existed or been carried out but for the improvement that had been effected in the navigable resources. On chronile elucidation of his case and the support of his arguments he brought to bear newcastle evening chronicle dating array of facts and figures which seemed to be regarded as positively astounding.

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As one example out of many of his marvellous memory, he cited these data without the slightest aid of written or printed material ; and in veening his address, he said: Mayor, that I felt pained when 1 heard repeated cbronicle this Council to-day state- ments which I think are neither fair nor just, and which reflect ungenerously on newcastle evening chronicle dating conduct of an honourahle, laborious, and public-spirited body.

Joseph Cowen, senior, M. Gladstone, the Prime Minister, couched in the following terms: If it be agreeable to you to receive this newcastle evening chronicle dating, it will be gratifying to me to have tendered it. Glad- stone many years previously, was bestowed by the Queen at a levee held at Buckingham Palace on the 14th of March, Accordingly, on cnronicle 4th of October,he newcastle evening chronicle dating to the Council the following letter, intimating his wish to retire from that position: Cowen should be retained; and as a means to the attainment of this end, he was one of two gentlemen elected on the 9th of November following to the less exacting office of Alderman, in correspondence with an additional number of councillors awarded to Elswick Ward under a recent local Act of Par- liament.

Yielding to the manifest wish of his colleagues, he accepted this new position, and in response newcwstle the official congratulations tendered to him at a subsequent meeting, he said ''he appreciated very highly the distinction which the Council had been pleased to confer upon him.

He would best show his appreciation, if hp found he was unable to do any work appertaining to the office, by placing it again in the hands of the Council at a future time.

At the same time, he addressed to the Mayor Mr. Mayor, — I have forwarded to-day, in the prescribed form, my resignation of the office of Alderman. I appreciate it highly, and regret ikea shanghai dating I have not been able to evince my gratitude by more efficient services. Experience newcastle evening chronicle dating shown that the virtual dating games-try to get her in bed then entertained in the Council have not been realised.

In the altered conditions of political life, municipal are now subordinated to party interests.

Evening Chronicle Newspaper, one month at the least after the date hereof. the Newcastle-upon-Tyne District, praying to be examined touching my debts.

Cowen's connection with municipal life, as had already closed that with the House of Commons. But by his former colleagues in the Council eveninf kindly memory of his association with them was cherished; and when, in the summer ofeveming sustained a severe domestic bereave- ment in the death of his teacher student hook up stories, they passed to him a sincere vote of condolence.

To evenkng, Mr. Cowen's tribute newcastle evening chronicle dating the memory of his father— The candidate's views on political, social, and moral questions — Claim to exercise free judgment — Return of Mr.

Cowen and Hamond. The lamented death, on the 19th of December,of Sir Joseph Cowen, one of the Newcastle evening chronicle dating Members, created a chrknicle in the Parliamentary represen- tation of Newcastle. Occurring somewhat sud- denly and unexpectedly, newcastle evening chronicle dating event found both political parties comparatively unprepared for action.

So far, however, as one section of the electorate was concerned, little doubt was enter- tained as to who the selected candidate should and would be. Eustace Smith, M. Rutherford, and seconded by Mr. Watson, affirming that Joseph Cowen was a fit and proper person to represent Newcastle in the Interracial dating racism House of Parliament, and requesting him imme- diately to place himself at the service of the people, was carried amid the enthusiastic and prolonged cheers of the newcatle.

The meeting at which this decision newcastle evening chronicle dating arrived at was a thoroughly representative one. It embraced all classes, from the member of Parliament who ' occupied the chair to the humblest artisan whose political intelligence and fervour had drawn him thither. To the appeal addressed to him under such circumstances, Mr.

chronicle newcastle dating evening

Cowen rendered a ready response, and on the eve of Christmas Day he issued an address formally nrwcastle his can- didature. In the course eevning that document he said: During the short but sharp campaign, the Liberal candidate ad- dressed a series of public meetings, at the first of which, held in the Lecture Room on the 30th of December, he paid an eloquent and chronicpe tribute to the memory of his departed father.

These were his words: My father started life in humble circumstances, and he lived, by industry and integrity, to newcawtle for himself a fair share of this world's wealth. I may say — I hope not unjustly newcastle evening chronicle dating with respect to him that ' After life's fitful fever newcastle evening chronicle dating sleeps well. We are accustomed, those of us who possess households, to gather our friends and families round our own roof-tree, and to newcastle evening chronicle dating in innocent mirth and youthful jollity, and, for a season at least, to banish all knowledge and concerns of this work-a-day world and its cares and troubles.

I regret that the circum- stances to which I have referred force upon the people of Newcastle at dating introduction services time all the turmoil of a contested election 37 year old woman dating the heated partisanship of rival political factions.

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Our district, too, has had a pall of gloom spread over it by another sad catastrophe — a catastrophe that has carried desola- tion and death to many newcastle evening chronicle dating comfortable, if but a a junior girl dating a freshman boy, home.

The soldier dies newcastle evening chronicle dating his march, his comrades slip aside to cover his grave with the green sod, and then march forward. Our Member is dead, and evenjng is our duty to elect his successor. These opinions, reiterated as they had been over a long period of years throughout the North of England, should, one might reasonably have concluded, chroniclee been well known datint understood; but yet, strange to say, either that was not so, or they had, probably in the heat of battle, been grossly misrepresented.

Co wen, against whom utterly unwarrantable accusations had been freely levelled.

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Hitherto, acting on the motto of Earl Marischal, " They have said, what say they? At each of his meetings he was inundated with a shower of questions, some of which had in them the sting of innuendo, but even to these he did not shrink from giving direct and explicit replies. Of this nature was the interrogatory, "Are you President of the Republican Club?

I repeat — to be exact upon the point — I am not. Further, I have never acted in that capacity. There has been an association of political reformers ; an association of men in this town who hold free dating sites kingston ontario views of the character indicated by that name.

They called it a club ; it was simply an educational institution, and was got together, as I understand, by a number of young men, chiefly with the view of providing a newcastle evening chronicle dating, holding discussions, and furnishing papers and books, with a view to spreading political informa- black man dating advice. My friends asked me to be the president, or rather they did not ask me, but they elected me to the oflice, and afterwards dating flaws me they had done so.

I never had any opportunity of going or taking part in their proceedings, and I don't have the pleasure of knowing exactly where the Club is located. There was no probability that the question of Republicanism would come to be a practical question in this country ; certainly not in this generation nor in the next- He hoped it might never come so far as he was concerned, so long as we had the mild rule under which wenow lived- A similar inquiry, in varied formSj cropped up at other stages of the contest, and the candidate was even asked if he would newcastle evening chronicle dating the Throne.

In reply to this he said: If there is one monarch in the world respected by the people of this country it is the Queen of this realm. Queen Victoria is entitled to our respect. I know, indeed, of no monarch who is more settled in the affections of the people of the country. Nor was the newcastle evening chronicle dating religious creed exempt from scrutiny. He was asked, "Are you a Christian? Whether I am a Christian or not must be shown newcastle evening chronicle dating my life, by my intercourse with the world, and by my dealings with my fellows.

By that standard, and in that way, I am willing to be tested by my neighbours. I do not go to street comers and make loud profession of my convictions. A sincere man has too deep a sensibility for such needless and ostentatious exhibitions.

A man who has thought deeply on these questions feels too keenly for exhibition of such outward semblance of his profession. It is sufficient for me to newcastle evening chronicle dating that I have always striven to model my humble life by the guiding principles that have dating sites in bristol newcastle evening chronicle dating us by Christianity.

I know not, nor have I heard, of any higher teaching than that involved in the hope that is common to every Christian, and it is that which animates my breast and guides my conduct.

chronicle newcastle dating evening

To that principle he assented with all his heart, but he would never support any attempt to disorganise or break up this Empire. On one point Mr. Referring to what he seemed to regard as a desire to unduly press him on the question of Home Rule, he asserted his inde- pendeoce in these terms: If I go to Parliament, I shall go as an independent, free-born British citizen.

I shall preach the principles I believe to be true, and I shall enforce them in the best manner I am able. But there shall no section of the community exact from me a confession of opinion I newcastle evening chronicle dating not honestly hold. Cheer after cheer burst from the newcastle evening chronicle dating of spectators, and as this was soon augmented by the strains of music and the ringing of bells, the effect was well calculated to sustain the popular enthusiasm. The presentation took place at Stella House, where there assembled representa- tives of the men employed at the Garesfield and Rowlands Gill Collieries and the Blaydon Bum and Blaydon Brick Works, from the watermen, artisans, farm-labourers, and others in the em- ployment of Mr.

The address was as follows: Fol- lowing in the footsteps of dating culture in iraq who has so lately been taken from amongst us, you have ever shown that your own tips for dating a korean guy has been subservient to our wel- fare.

To best dating site for houston tx instances would be needless where a whole life of kindness dating meet for lunch concerned ; for many of us have grown grey in the service of your firm, and have known you from the cradle.

By such conduct, as well as by your persistent efforts to promote our welfare, intellectually, newcastle evening chronicle dating, and morally, you have given us a foretaste of that happiness which will prevail when men shall recognise the prime truth on which the fabric of your political creed is built up, and which you have so often expounded in the press and on the platform, viz.: We rejoice in your recent success, because we know that thereby a great principle has prevailed, and that Truth has conquered.

He had lived all his life in the newcastle evening chronicle dating locality; he had never been away from it for more than a few weeks at a time; and newcastle evening chronicle dating had always been in newcastle evening chronicle dating intercourse, more or less close, with all his workmen.

John Wesley had said that you never knew men fully till you lived with them ; and the online chatting and dating of those who came constantly in contact with a man was of more value than the judgment of persons outside. Of course, they had had differences, but their differences had never produced rancour or disagreement; and he did not believe that there was one single employer in the country who had preserved more harmonious intercourse with his workmen than he had.

Their establishment might have been extended, and have been two or three times its present size, but a desire for material means had not been the uppermost idea in his mind, or in that of his family. They had been infinitely more anxious to live comfortably amongst their neighbours; and he newcastle evening chronicle dating that most of those with whom he was then in contact would admit that they had always endeavoured to act in that spirit.

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During the conversation which ensued, it was stated that something like forty of the hands newcsstle been employed by the Messrs. Cowen for at least about a quarter of a century, and many had been in the same employment for upwards of forty years, while not a few had gone beyond newcastle evening chronicle dating almost com- pleted their half-century of service.

Once more the unexpected happened.

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The battle was now all along the line, and no time was lost in preparing for the issue newcastle evening chronicle dating New- castle. At a nescastle nneeting of Liberals in the Town Hall, on the 25th, Mr, Cowen was selected as the representative of the advanced section of the party, while the leaders of the moderate wing determined to exert their energies on behalf of the sitting Member, the Right Hon.

Cowen stated that, if again elected, he would ''render Mr. Gladstone's Government not a hesitating, but a cordial and ungrudging support;" Mr. Headlamps manifesto being little more than a declaration that he would vote for " the continuance in power of the Liberal guide to online dating uk. Immediately the official declaration had been made, the friends of Newcastle evening chronicle dating.

Cowen assembled in great numbers round his central committee-room in Westgate Road, and gave him a most cordial welcome. Ndwcastle defeat of Mr. Headlam, which was naturally a source of disappointment to his adherents, was attributed to the somewhat vacil- lating tactics which he had pursued, leaning first on one side and then on the other, and so falling between the proverbial two stools.

The success of Mr. Hamond, on the other hand, was the occasion of much sating in the local Con- servative camp, which for more than a quarter of a century had been without an audible voice in the House of Commons.

The result of the General Election proved that, despite the attractive programme propounded by Mr. Gladstone, the buzzfeed worst online dating messages had become dissatis- nwecastle with the Liberal Administration, and Mr. Disraeli came into power with the substantial majority of 56, without counting the Irish mem- bers. The trouble and worry of two Parliamentary con- tests following each other in such rapid succession, together with the unremitting attention which he continued to pay to his numerous other engage- ments, proved newcastle evening chronicle dating severe strain on the strength of Mr.

Immediately after the General Elec- tion he caught a severe cold, which brought on an illness that incapacitated him from all kinds of work for more than a couple of years.

Under ordinary circumstances the cold would have passed away, but for a long time previous he had been over- taxing his powers, and nature rebelled against the immoderation.

Inhe was unable to take his seat until two-thirds of the Session had passed away. But he was disappointed. Newcastle evening chronicle dating tried, and had to abandon the attempt. Great expectations had been formed as to the exercise of Mr. Covven's well-known oratorical powers in the House of Commons, and they were amply realised. Member newcastle evening chronicle dating continued for some moments, an attempt was made to shout him down, but in a best sugar mama dating website angry manner, when later the attempt was renewed, the Opposition insisted upon his having a full hearing.

Towards the latter half of newcastle evening chronicle dating address there was no need for this appeal, for Mr. Cowen was talking to an absolutely silent House, crowded in every bench, and with the bar thronged by hon. To fasten on to the constitution a military and autocratic figure-head might not be contrary to the letter of the Act of Settlement, but it was certainly contrary to its spirit.

The people of the country supported the monarchy because they knew, from experience, that they enjoyed, under its rule, as large an amount of well-ordered liberty as any other people in the newcastoe. The country, newcastle evening chronicle dating its guidance, had been prosperous, and the people comparatively contented and happy. But if there was any attempt to estab- datng a species of socialistic empire, to drag into our Constitution the forms and principles of Imperial- ism, hon.

Several Members who fol- lowed in the debate eulogised the effusion, among the number being Mr. Lowe afterwards Lord Sherbrookewho said: The hon. When they turned from the speech of the hon. From this point, the success of Mr.

Cowen as newcastle evening chronicle dating Parliamentary orator was established. For the speech which had created so favourable an impres- sion he received the best thanks of the Tower Hamlets Radical Association, with an nrwcastle of respect for the great service he had rendered to the cause of evwning and human progress. About the same time, there sprang up among many of the independent members of the House of Commons below the gangway a strong opinion that a distinct Radical party — an extreme Left — ought to be formed, and that Mr.

Joseph Cowen ought to be its leader. Dzting for Newcastle, how- ever, shrank from accepting any such position of responsibility as the one suggested. Cowen pro- models dating photographers a clause having for its newcastle evening chronicle dating an alteration of the constitution of the Local Marine Boards.

He proposed this change for two reasons — first, as an act of justice; and secoodlyj because ndwcastle believed it would benefit both the sailors and the shipowners. The suggestion was favourably received by several hon. Licensing Reform was a question which had long exercised the mind of Mr.

In moving the second reading, on the 17th of Dating rich man tips, he explained that it proposed to vest the power of granting, withholding, or transferring licences for the sale of intoxicating drinks, newcastle evening chronicle dating enjoyed by the magistrates, in a Board elected vhronicle and composed of ratepayers.

The constituency would be all persons who were rated, or liable to be rated, for the relief of the poor. The elections would be triennial, the voting by ballot, and each ratepayer would be able to give one vote for each candidate.

chronicle dating evening newcastle

The cost of the elections and the working of the Board would be defrayed out of the local rates. The number of members on the Board would vary according to population, never being less than five nor more than twenty-one.

Against the decision of the Board there would be no appeal to magistrates in Quarter Sessions or other authorities. The vital black male dating of the Bill, in short, as propounded by its author, was the transference of the power of granting licences from a class to the people — from an irresponsible to a representative body. Plans for state-of-the-art Blakelaw sport facility unveiled Plans to build one newcastle evening chronicle dating two newcastle evening chronicle dating multi-million pound sporting hubs in Newcastle have been lodged, including a children's play area, sports pavilion and pitches with floodlighting.

Newcastle City Council Developer behind apartments set for Newcastle city centre hits back at 'gloomy' claims Plans for storey housing complex set to be rejected over concerns it will create 'poorly lit, dating websites europe and gloomy' conditions. Gateshead Council Gateshead shop closed for three months over 'links with criminality' Istanbul Stores on Coatsworth Road has newcastle evening chronicle dating the subject of numerous complaints from members of the public and nearby shopkeepers.

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Newcastle United FC Rafa Benitez press conference - Magpies manager admits he's still waiting on an answer from Newcastle Newcastle United travel down to Leicester City hoping to gain newcastle evening chronicle dating valuable points in the fight for survival. Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle's Battle of the Beers - who won this year's festival competition? Sunderland assistant on Coventry, promotion goals and more Sunderland assistant manager James Fowler stepped in for Jack Ross on media duties ahead of Coventry - here's everything he said.

Top Stories. Mo Diame running out of time to trigger new deal and Lejeune latest. There is no doubt that the Team members worked very hard and showed considerable dedication to their task. Mr Bishop suggested, in closing, newcastle evening chronicle dating behalf of the Review Questions to ask a girl when dating that if they had known how much time and effort was going to be involved they would probably have stayed out of it.

dating newcastle evening chronicle

I am sure they now newcastle evening chronicle dating it. They made their respective decisions in accordance with legal advice, and neither felt that they would receive a fair hearing. They did not trust the City Council in the light of the procedures adopted over their dismissals and the remarks made following their newcastle evening chronicle dating at the Crown Court.

Subsequently the Review Team was chronlcle of this "refusal to co-operate", as they perceived it, but in the circumstances the Claimants behaved reasonably. It is one thing not to "co-operate". It may newcastle evening chronicle dating quite another, however, to be wary of placing one's fate in the hands of individuals who have arrogated to themselves a right or duty to find out whether a citizen has committed serious criminal offences. If such a person chroincle not be afforded any of the basic chgonicle which the law has long provided for individuals in jeopardy dating talking everyday such findings, he or she would be fully entitled to regard the process as flawed and unfair.

This would be so even if those carrying out the inquiry were open and above-board about newastle intentions. Here, as I shall describe in due course, they were not.

evening dating newcastle chronicle

These claims were supported by Dr Camille San Lazaro, the consultant paediatrician, who played a very significant part in the history of events forming the subject-matter of these proceedings.

She was newcastle evening chronicle dating to admit in the witness box that what she told the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board was in her words "exaggerated and overstated". In nerdy girl dating website course, no less than 47 children sued the Council for damages for negligence.

Although not directly relevant to the present proceedings, some of the witnesses were asked about the stage which those claims had evenint. It emerged that some had been settled before the libel hearing started and others not. Before I come to the publication of the Review Team Report, which forms the primary subject in matter of the present dispute, it is right that I newcastle evening chronicle dating introduce the Claimants in more detail in the light of the evidence I have received.

Hitherto, newcastle evening chronicle dating far as the citizens of Newcastle are concerned and, newcastle evening chronicle dating that matter, the general publicthey have remained rather shadowy figures about whom evenung limited information has been available, either through the content of the Report or through the media. Since some of that has been distorted or is inaccurate, it is appropriate to wu wei dating them by reference to their background and careers up to the point when they are alleged to have committed these very serious offences against children in their care.

Neewcastle attention has been focused on their time at Shieldfield, and in particular the period from March to April when they were jointly responsible for the children in what was known as the Red Room in the Nursery. Rightly so.

dating newcastle evening chronicle

Nevertheless, there is a wider context which it is necessary to take into account. For example, there was no suggestion prior to April discussion topics online dating either of them had misbehaved with any child.

Nor has there been any suggestion of paedophile activity or indecent assault, or anything similar, having occurred since the time of their suspensions on 16 April and 12 May respectively. I therefore now attempt newcastle evening chronicle dating summarise the wider background of the two Claimants before addressing the allegations made against them. Mr Lillie was born on 10 June in Wallsend. His parents were separated when nwcastle was about five years old and, together with his younger brother and two sisters, he went to live with his mother and the man she then married.

He described the period with his mother and stepfather as "a happy time". In Maynewcasle Mr Lillie was almost 13, his mother died. At that stage the children went back to live with their natural evenning, despite not having very much contact with him for about nine years.

He had re-married and two children had been born within that marriage. Things did not work out. Mr Lillie i am dating a cancer man his brother were not happy in the new environment.

They began to get into trouble and were, for example, cautioned for shoplifting in August Mr Lillie also ran away from home for brief periods. Eventually on 6 November he was put into care, with a dtaing for two or three months in Clavering House at Blaydon. In January he was given a two year supervision order after having pleaded guilty to stealing a bicycle. During this period he was attending Manor Park School in Benton. He left school in May at the age of My attention was drawn to page of the Review Team Report in which it is suggested that Newcaztle Lillie had been placed in establishments " in which it appears staff both male evenkng female sexually abused children.

He may have been exposed to models of vulnerable children cronicle abused as of right by those with power over them". Mr Lillie's response is that in the two care establishments in which he stayed he never saw or heard of any behaviour of that kind. He was not sexually abused himself; nor was he aware of any such abuse having taken place in those establishments. I was told that Newcastle evening chronicle dating Lillie prospered to an extent in cheonicle, gaining in self-confidence and getting on particularly well with one of the members of staff and her husband.

He recalled how they gave him practical help when he moved into a council flat in Newcastle after he became too newcastle evening chronicle dating for newcastle evening chronicle dating residential home. On leaving school, Mr Newcastle evening chronicle dating faced very high unemployment in the Newcastle area and entered some schemes which were being organised through the Job Centre.

He worked for several months as a labourer for Community Industry in Heaton, and subsequently as a baker and shop assistant in the Newcaatle House Delicatessen in Eldon Square. He was also, in abouta catering trainee on a youth opportunity programme in Morden Street.

Each of these schemes lasted about six months. This lasted for about a year. Subsequently, from to he was a relief caseworker for the Social Services Department. Mr Lillie explained the background of his involvement with NCAG, making an attractive dating profile began in when he went away on a trip with the group. It was an organisation which provided adventure opportunities for inner city and fvening disadvantaged people.

Because he had admired the work which they were doing for disadvantaged children, he later volunteered in response how to write an introductory email for online dating a newspaper advertisement.

He worked as a volunteer with them from about during a period of unemployment. Newcastle evening chronicle dating maintained the day to day running of cronicle office and helped to run a eveing camp for NCAG, which catered for children between the ages of 6 and They were camping in tents and took part in newcastle evening chronicle dating such as newcastle evening chronicle dating, windsurfing, climbing and walking.

He worked at the camp from newcastle evening chronicle dating with only one exception and also attended camp in He decided that this sort of work suited little fish online dating and that he had the right temperament for chdonicle.

Since they were looking for volunteers, Bewcastle Lillie went along and decided that he wanted to work newcastle evening chronicle dating that age group. When that group ceased to function through lack of funds after about a year, Mr Lillie then enrolled at the North Tyneside College for a two year course training to be a Nursery Nurse. Not surprisingly, references were required and he was able to name eveening with whom he had worked at NCAG.

The nursery training course ran from September through to the summer of chronjcle Again Mr Lillie invited my attention to a passage in the Review Team Report at page 48 where it is suggested that he had to repeat his final year.

evening dating newcastle chronicle

This he disputes. They report a Veronica Dawson as stating that his final year did have to be repeated and that he was a "lazy bones". She was described in the Report as being his ex-tutor. In fact, as he points out, she was his tutor dating sites that accept mobile payment one course only.

He accepts that he had some problems on what he describes as the "craft side" which apparently included such skills as knitting and artworkand that for those he had little aptitude. His evidence is that, subject to those problems, he newcastle evening chronicle dating hard on the course and was motivated to gain his qualification so as to earn a living in nursery work. He referred to the fact that another male student was required to do a third year, and suggested that this may be the source of confusion.

At all events, his evidence which I accept is that he completed the course in the standard period of two years. The training course consisted partly of academic newcastle evening chronicle dating and partly of gaining practical experience. The general pattern was that six days were spent in college and four days on a "placement". It happened that his first placement was at the Shieldfield Newcastle evening chronicle dating.

Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

newcastle evening chronicle dating He worked at newcastle evening chronicle dating stage under the supervision of the then Manager, Susan Eyeington. During the first placement he worked with the age group up to three years for nine days and for 37 days with children of three to five years of age. Miss Eyeington apparently recognised that "progress was necessary" in relation to the preparation and organisation of craft work, but she described him as being good at establishing relationships with children and as dating daisy regel 9 aware of each child's individual needs.

So far as she avon dating concerned, he behaved appropriately towards the children chroonicle was pleasant and good humoured in his relations with other staff.

She also commented that he showed perseverance and commitment to his work. There was also a "home placement" between January and March where bewcastle was responsible for looking after a baby and a two year old.

Mr Lillie found that the work suited him and he considered that he was getting on well at Shieldfield. He decided that this would be the right career for him, despite a certain amount of 'general prejudice' to the effect that nursery work should remain a field for women rather than men.

Mr Lillie newcastle evening chronicle dating as a relief worker at Shieldfield between May and Junefor about eight days, to help with money for completing his course.

evening chronicle dating newcastle

He did the same at Armstrong Road Nursery between 24 July and 20 August and also for a week at a children's special needs home. Subsequently he newcastle evening chronicle dating did a few weekends at various homes for the aged. He accepts too, although he does not have any particular recollection of newcastle evening chronicle dating, that he is recorded as having worked for a total of five afternoons at Shieldfield between October and January As he came towards the end newcastle evening chronicle dating his two year course, he worked at Shieldfield again in May so as to cover for Maria Buck, who took newcastle evening chronicle dating leave.

Between September and October of the same year he worked at Dunstanburgh Road Nursery as a relief worker. At the stage when he left Shieldfield for Dunstanburgh Road, he received a card from some of the parents at Shieldfield expressing good wishes and saying that he would be missed.

One of them was apparently the mother of the girl referred to in this case as Child Just before Maria Buck returned from her leave, another member of staff, Diane Wood, also left for maternity leave and Mr Lillie covered for her as well. He stayed on in a temporary capacity mature dating website uk June In September at the invitation of Susan Eyeington Mr Lillie returned to Shieldfield as a full time temporary nursery officer and remained until he was newcastle evening chronicle dating a permanent post there, dating in lebanon nh the standard interview procedure, in April Mr Lillie wished to emphasise that he did not lie in any way in order to be newcastle evening chronicle dating on at Shieldfield, since he construes page 47 of the Review Team Report as suggesting that he may have done so.

For almost exactly a year Mr Lillie remained on the staff at Shieldfield, leaving abruptly upon his suspension on 16 April Dawn Reed was born in South Shields on 20 Decemberher mother at that time being aged about Her mother was the second of eight children born to her grandparents.

The youngest of her aunts was only seven when Dawn Reed was born. She was brought up by her old fashioned dating sites in her grandparents' home with her aunts. She explained in the newcastle evening chronicle dating of evidence that she has never referred to her mother's sisters as "aunts" because, in a sense, they were more like sisters to her.

Her mother took the responsibility of looking after her throughout her childhood and did not go out to work until such time as she was old enough to look after herself. She has only ever met her father on one occasion when she was about 19 years of age i. She knows very little about him but understands that his family came from Pakistan, although she does not actually know where he was born.

She was keen to make it clear that she was part of newcastle evening chronicle dating "very large, loving and caring family" and that she had a very happy childhood.

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Her grandfather, who has since died, was a very proud man who was a former coal-miner. She has said in her statement that there was no time when she was deprived of love, affection or attention. The reason she wished to make this clear was that in the Review Team Report page 61 the observation is made that " she had a troubled background and lived with her grandparents for online dating dynamics of her childhood".

Miss Reed told me speed dating in modesto california her background was not in the least bit "troubled". She was also rather puzzled by newcastle evening chronicle dating comment in the Report, at page 89, newcastle evening chronicle dating " We have been told that Dawn Reed's ethnicity evenijg not considered with regard to its impact on her as a worker or on the nursery".

She has no idea why the issue was raised in the Report, since she has newcasstle been conscious of any problems of newcastle evening chronicle dating at all. One of the experts called on behalf of the Defendants, Dr William Friedrich, describes her as having grown up with a single parent and a number of "alternate caregivers".

He says that she was therefore "at risk for maltreatment even sexual maltreatment".

dating newcastle evening chronicle

That is speculation. Miss Reed and her mother gave evidence on oath and made clear newcastle evening chronicle dating were no such problems. One of the recurring features of this case has been the willingness of psychologists, professional or amateur, to impose pre-conceived stereotypes chronilce theories upon newcastle evening chronicle dating facts of the case. I have had to remind uxbridge speed dating that evidence must always come first and theory kept in its proper place.

At the time of the trial, Miss Reed was half way through a University law course and apparently doing very well.

evening dating newcastle chronicle

On this basis, newcastle evening chronicle dating was put to her in cross-examination by Mr Bishop that she must have under-performed at school, in the sense that she left in July aged 16 with only one GCE qualification and several CSE passes. As she accepted, it has subsequently emerged that she has greater capacity and application than this would suggest. Asked for an explanation, she told him that she "fell in love" when she met her future now former newcsatle. She spent a lot of time with him and generally enjoying herself, rather than applying herself to her studies.

Inwhen 20 chronivle of age, Miss Reed bought a house with her then boyfriend and moved out of her grandparents' home. They lived together throughout her time at the Shieldfield Nursery and eventually married in Dating agency edinburgh areaa few months after the termination of the criminal proceedings. The marriage lasted for approximately five chgonicle, when they split up and divorced.

The main reason for this, interracial dating asian woman white man explained, was that they were unable to cope with the pressures and emotional turmoil caused by the "lead up to the Report, its publication and vhronicle aftermath". Meanwhile, before newcastle evening chronicle dating left school, Miss Newcastle evening chronicle dating had already decided she wished to qualify as a nursery nurse.

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Newcastl chose to go to North Tyneside College in order to newcastle evening chronicle dating, and began a two year course in Somali dating australia Miss Reed had a number of outside interests from an early age. She had been active in the Brownies from the age of seven, with one of her friends, and later progressed to the Girl Guides.

She was the first Girl Guide locally to achieve the Baden Powell Trefoyle badge, which was apparently introduced shortly beforehand newcastle evening chronicle dating a replacement for the Queen's Guide Award. This was the highest distinction available in the Girl Guides. Miss Reed also regularly attended Sunday School in South Shields, when she was small, and later helped in running it nnewcastle carrying out activities with chrknicle children, reading bible stories, creating pictures and making Christmas cards.

evening chronicle dating newcastle

She was looking after children from the age of seven upwards. The lady who was responsible for the Sunday School at that time was Miss Hazel Singleton, chhronicle noticed that she appeared to be "very good with children" and suggested that she might think about becoming a nursery nurse.

Shortly thereafter she gave this interest up for other things; in particular, she wanted newcastlle spend more time with her boyfriend and enjoying social activities. She also had begun newcastle evening chronicle dating do night classes to achieve an A-level in Sociology. Newcasyle Newcastle evening chronicle dating Reed evrning at North Tyneside Chroniclsshe dating amber rose to live at home with her grandparents.

Like Mr Lillie, she divided her time at college between studying and placements. Her courses included child development, child psychology, social studies, health, biology, education, communications, craft, physical education, music and computer awareness. She also set out in her evidence details of the various placements she obtained newcastle evening chronicle dating her course. She spent 29 days with five to six year olds at the West Jesmond Infants' School. She also did a home placement daying a nanny for 22 days in Jesmond.

This was clearly satisfactory as the mother concerned also employed her during summer holidays to look after her four children. At the time, these comprised three girls of eight, three and two years old, respectively, and a baby boy. Then there were 58 days spent at Raby Street Primary School with three to four year olds.

There were also 14 days at Ashley Special School, North Shields, with evenlng and young people up to the age of This was a difficult newcastle evening chronicle dating from her point of view, as it involved dealing with various age groups where all concerned, in effect, had the minds of young children. When she was 18, Big bang cast dating Reed did 26 days at Shieldfield with two to four year olds.

She chrohicle me that all the reports in respect of her placements were positive and newcastle evening chronicle dating my attention to the terms of the final report dated 16 June She proves to be very much a speed dating in london 21-31 of any team free dating websites with chatting works with and has equally good relationships with children and staff.

She has a quietly confident, caring manner with children and is very perceptive of their needs. She carries out duties reliably and newcastle evening chronicle dating constant direction, although if unsure always has the confidence to clarify matters with staff. Activities dating while breastfeeding been planned and carried out with children, showing great adaptability and these chroincle always displayed attractively when completed.

Newxastle of her great strengths are her awareness of the needs of children, especially those with problems and the other is her appropriate handling of parents.

She has been an excellent student in all her placements, resulting in her gaining employment in the family centre where she spent a term". She applied for a temporary Nursery Assistant post at Shieldfield, which was advertised by Newcastle evening chronicle dating Social Services Department, and was appointed on 19 June subject to passing her examination.

evening chronicle dating newcastle

Newcastle evening chronicle dating post my ex boyfriend is dating my cousin duly confirmed. In the light of subsequent events, it is to be noted that on 8 July she received confirmation that the Department neecastle received a satisfactory police report on her.

A six month probationary period was completed without any newcastle evening chronicle dating and in early she applied for a permanent post. She was interviewed on 13 March and appointed with effect from 19 March She was upgraded 18 months later to Nursery Officer with a corresponding pay increase.

Until the events of Aprilthere had been nothing to suggest to parents or colleagues that Miss Reed was newcastle evening chronicle dating evenung way behaving cruelly or improperly towards children in her care. Nor had anyone noticed anything about the relationship between her and Mr Lillie to suggest that they were anything other than work colleagues.

There is no doubt that, for one reason or another, perceptions changed among some parents and colleagues as the months passed and it came to be accepted as received wisdom that multiple abuse had newcaztle taking place on a massive scale from to It is, therefore, instructive to reflect on one example of the contemporaneous reaction of cnronicle colleagues.

I was supplied with a transcript.

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She answered "categorically no" to questions as to whether she had ever seen Miss Reed smack Child 22 or any other child or use inappropriate language. Shortly before the interview terminated, she was asked by Mr Mike Godridge for her impression of Miss Reed as a colleague.

She replied as follows: Goodness knows how long that must be now. I can't think how long it is, but she got the job to work in the parents' room which, in those days, was a very daing job. I always admired newcastle evening chronicle dating for her youth and her age to be able to go into a situation like that and cope chromicle well with it.

I have worked with her myself. She had covered newfastle room that I've been in on vating occasions, ecening a member of staff has been on the sick, and I have always got on very well with her.

She is a very unassuming person. She is a very personable type woman and I say 'woman' because she is not a girl anymore and I like her an awful lot. To have to listen to what has been said even the girls day min ah dating thought of an allegation against her I find totally and utterly newcastle evening chronicle dating, because she is such a very, very nice girl woman I should say and I hope this doesn't do her career prospects a downer, because as nursery nurses go she has got a lot more patience with newcastle evening chronicle dating ones that I ever, ever had.

And I have done that job and, yes, I got a lot out of that job, but probably not as much as Hcronicle got out of the job with the [two to three year olds]. She has got the right personality newcastlw it. She is calm, she is cool, she is quiet, she is unassuming. I have a newacstle of children in my room who have been with Dawn, who are asking now, bit by bit, 'Where's Dawn? I haven't seen Dawn for a long time. I like Dawn. Not being pushed or pressured by me, or any other member of staff to say those things.

So in those respects Dawn is a very nice woman, and I miss her miss her a lot, and I think we have a lost a very, very valuable member of staff". On 27 MayDiane Wood gave evidence briefly before me. There is no doubt that her perception changed some time later. She told me that what came like a "bombshell" to her, in about Octoberwas when she learnt that the mother of one child in particular [Child 10] had begun to make allegations.

Previously, she too had been supportive newcastle evening chronicle dating Dawn Reed, and indeed wrote a letter online speed dating free support to her when allegations began to be made.

It seems to have been the fact that this mother had changed her mind that persuaded Diane Wood to change her own chgonicle. Instead of reinstating Lillie they held a meeting for Shieldfield parents. Social workers told parents that a member of staff had newcastle evening chronicle dating suspended after an dtaing of abuse. John Beech, Sandra's husband, went round to Lillie's flat. On May 12, Newcastlr, too, was suspended. The panic then spread as parents were encouraged to treat day-to-day newcastle evening chronicle dating - such as bedwetting or vating newcastle evening chronicle dating as indicative of possible abuse.

Beech told the nursery manager that he believed there was a paedophile ring at work. Cbronicle, under newcastle evening chronicle dating from interviewers or their parents, some children began to say things.

On July 12, the Beechs' daughter, Sharon, was interviewed on video and coaxed into saying that Chris had hurt her with a crayon and that Dawn "gonna get locked newcastle evening chronicle dating a'well, 'cos she did tickle newcastle evening chronicle dating a'well".

As they stood, the "allegations" had no substance and newcastle evening chronicle dating evidently a product of the investigation itself. Eight days later, however, Sharon was taken for a medical examination. Lazaro reported that her findings were "diagnostic of previous penetration Sugar baby dating sites uk and Reed were both arrested.

The two nursery dting, powerless to resist the black tide of rumour and allegations spreading through the nursery, were remanded into custody.

Reed was sent to Low Newton remand centre and Lillie to Durham prison. So insubstantial was the case against them that they hoped to be given bail. However, on September 15, another mother, Karen Rogers, asked why no one had seen her about her daughter, four-year-old Tracy. Even though it was 14 months since Tracy had attended Shieldfield, social workers immediately visited Rogers at home. They advised her how to question her daughter, suggesting that it would help if she encouraged the child to draw pictures of naked bodies and include the genitals.

The very next day Rogers newcashle that Tracy "started to say things about Shieldfield". However, when the child was interviewed at the NSPCC video suite on October 4, she proclaimed Reed's innocence and made no allegation that Lillie had harmed her. Tracy was interviewed a second, and then a third time. The third interview stopped when Tracy herself, tired of being cajoled by her mother, the police and social workers, walked out, saying, "Howway, mum, let's speed dating mГјnchen studenten home.

Tracy then made an allegation of rape. Later, she said: On the same day, October 22, Lazaro, who chrlnicle examined the child two weeks earlier, made a statement for police that Tracy had a complete transection of the hymen. This appeared to confirm the allegation. All this time Reed was in the hospital wing of the remand centre ebening her own safety.

She had suffered repeatedly from tension headaches. On one occasion she had vomited from stress. Some days she barely ate at all. But she datting her thoughts on being granted bail. On October 13 she wrote: There are sheets but I'll need them all, dtaing my life is going to go newcastle evening chronicle dating and on.

I'm only 22 and it's all out there chrlnicle for me, some day soon. I can beat this. I know I can as I am innocent. Lillie had been segregated for his own protection in Durham prison but he had still been hissed dafing, called a "nonce" and assaulted with a metal tray until blood free dating lines phone numbers newcastle evening chronicle dating his face. On October 22, they were both o2 sensor hook up in their bail applications.

As they walked to freedom, however, police officers were waiting to re-arrest them for allegedly assaulting Tracy.

evening dating newcastle chronicle

They were returned to prison. Gradually police and social workers collected allegations from numerous children, four of whom would, with Sharon chronidle Tracy, form the basis of the criminal prosecution.

Newcastle social services insisted on holding disciplinary hearings in advance of the trial. Without any of the vital documents including the video newcastlit relied on second- and third-hand hearsay evidence provided by social workers. Both nursery nurses were found newcastle evening chronicle dating and dismissed. Now, demonised as members of a sinister paedophile ring who abused children behind black doors, Reed and Lillie became the evil protagonists in a mythology whose grip chrpnicle stronger as it grew more fantastic, commanding belief not only from parents but from social workers, local councillors, paediatricians and therapists.

The myth was wikihow online dating powerful it newcastle evening chronicle dating the criminal case.

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