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By the 13 week ultrasound gender of your baby is sometimes clear to see on the scan, as shown by the sex organs, or it may take at least a few more weeks to.

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Because your whole baby no longer fits on the screen, the crown-rump length won't be measured. Instead, your baby's size will be calculated by combining a series of measurements in a mathematical formula.

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The sonographer will measure seeks width biparietal diameter and circumference of your baby's head, the circumference of your baby's tummy abdominal circumferenceand the length of your baby's upper leg bone femur length. These measurements help estimate the size of your baby and check that this is within the normal range for this stage of pregnancy.

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The placenta will be examined to ensure that it appears normal and isn't blocking the baby's scna route the cervix. It's quite common in early pregnancy for the placenta to be low-lying and to cover the cervix, but in 95 percent of cases, the placenta moves up and out of the way by the third trimester as the uterus grows.

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If your placenta is low lying, your doctor will arrange a follow-up scan later in pregnancy to check that the placenta has moved up out of the way. There are lots of reasons: Ina government panel urged women not accruate seek a C-section without a medical reason; surgery brings risks and babies born by Caesarean have a greater chance for respiratory problems.

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In the new study, the researchers, led by Dr. Alan Tita of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, examined a C-section registry from 19 academic medical centers to see how many of the surgeries were being done before the recommended 39 weeks and if the timing made a difference in the risk of complications.

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They focused on 13, women who had a single child at a planned Caesarean and who had previously given birth the same way. Excluded were cases where medical issues warranted an early or immediate delivery.

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The infants were followed until they left the hospital or for four months. Those delivered at 37 weeks were twice as likely to have health problems, including breathing troubles, infections, low blood sugar or the need istj dating isfj intensive care.

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Fifteen percent of those born at 37 weeks and 11 percent born at 38 weeks had complications, compared to 8 percent of the babies delivered at 39 weeks. Veins may appear right under the skin of the breasts too. As you will probably feel a little better and more energetic in your week 13 pregnancy, it is a good week to tackle your to-do list.

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Also, start thinking about shopping for baby furniture or clothes, as well as planning how to decorate the nursery. Depending whether you have a boy or girl ultrasound at 13 weeks, you may want to choose colors or designs traditional for each gender.

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Alternately, you may choose a gender-neutral decorating style. You can typically find out the sex of your baby via ultrasound. This will be performed between 18 and 20 weeks. This is part of a larger anatomy scan.

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Even when you have an ultrasound, the technician may not be able to determine the sex of your baby due to a number of circumstances.

Finding out the sex of your baby is exciting.

And my 13 week dating scan dated me a few days ahead, when I thought the max I could be was 12+4 or something - there is a margin of error.

Experts say there's some risk of datong along the herpes virus to a fetus or newborn child. But there are ways to make oral sex safer during….

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Your baby dropping is one of the first major signs that your body is getting ready for labor. What exactly is baby dropping, you ask?

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Baby dropping…. Perinatal depression is depression during pregnancy, and it's a very real and serious illness many women experience — often alone.

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What is Group B Streptococcus? What is Hyperemesis Gravidarum? What Is Oedema?

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What is Oligohydramnios? What is Placenta Previa?

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News:Nov 24, - I had my 12 week scan on Thursday and was told that I was 13 I think the dating scans are normally pretty accurate as in the early weeks all.

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