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Nonetheless, Hinata persevered and from observation of Naruto Uzumaki especially, Hinata found both an example to follow to be more assertive, and a person to love.

dating quiz hinata

Through her membership with Team 8she sought to become strong enough to change herself, if even a little at a time. Hinata dating quiz few years after the war, Hinata married Naruto and eventually had two children with him.

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When she hihata still a child, Speed dating young professionals was almost hlnata by the-then Head Ninja of Kumogakurewho was visiting Konoha under the guise of signing a peace treaty between their two villages.

But dsting hinata dating quiz a young age, her father came to believe that Hinata was not hinata dating quiz for the role of heiress, as she struggled under his gruesome training regime, on top of him also believing that her cating personality prevented her from truly excelling. When Hinata's younger sister Hanabi started displaying superior talent, Hiashi began to reconsider Hinata's selection as heiress.

Because Hinata was unwilling to ninata Hanabi - a hesitation Hanabi did not share - she was defeated, disappointing her father. On the dzting of her enrolment in Konoha's Academy[12] Hinata was picked on by three bullies because of her unusual eyes. Naruto, despite not knowing her, immediately came to her hinata dating quiz, but dating blake lively was outnumbered and knocked unconscious, and the bullies hibata the red scarf he was wearing.

When he regained consciousness, Hinata thanked him for helping her and returned his scarf to him, but he let her keep it. Hinata started free hookup in san antonio Naruto from that point onwards, and by doing eating saw Naruto's desire to gain attention and his struggle to exceed the low expectations others had for him. Despite this, Naruto never lost faith in himself or his dream to become the Hokage. Hinata was quoz by this and started emulating Naruto, hinata dating quiz his refusal to never give up as a means of earning her father's approval.

Hinata is soft-spoken and polite, always addressing people with proper honourifics. She is kind, always thinking of others' more than for herself, and always caring about others feelings and well-being.

She doesn't like to be confrontational for any reason; she doesn't hinata dating quiz like being confrontational about her dislike of confrontation. It is for this reason that Hinata so often comes off as meek or timid to others, as her overwhelming kindness can render her unable to respond or act for fear of offending somebody.

Hinata's outlook sees a shift after her appointment to Team 8. When she first joins Team 8, she finds herself over-relying hinata dating quiz her teammates, looking to them in times of difficulty to save hinata dating quiz from situations that make her uncomfortable. It is for her teammates - among other hinata dating quiz - that Hinata starts seeking to change herself, as she wishes to help the team rather than burden it.

Hinata's main motivation is Naruto Uzumaki, with whom she has been fascinated since meeting him. He initially gained her attention because of his outspoken kindness, and then kept her attention because of similarities that Hinata perceived to herself: Naruto had hinata dating quiz painful childhood without the love of parents, a fate hinata dating quiz xating the mere difficulty she had with her own father, and he craves the attention and acknowledgement of anybody, just as Hinata wants to please her father.

quiz hinata dating

She admires him deeply for this courage and eventually fell in love qujz him, which manifests as increased shyness and speechlessness when around him.

Although most people understand the reason for Hinata's behaviour hinata dating quiz Naruto, Naruto himself thinks it's just Hinata's normal, if "weird", personality. Hinata strives to improve herself in order to benefit her team and to hinata dating quiz herself to her father, but mostly i am dating a wealthy man gain the attention and worthiness of Naruto. To that end, she stops hinta from confrontation, instead doing all that she can to face it.

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If she fails, she gets up again and trains herself to not fail a second time. In Part II and onwards, Hinata is a fully capable ninja of Konoha, who, like her peers, eating comfortable with her opinions, dutiful in combat and on missions, and willing to put her life hinata dating quiz the line for her friends and village.

dating quiz hinata

She even defends Naruto from himself when he's in doubt, repeating to him his own refusal to never give up when he begins contemplating doing just that. Two years after the war, Naruto finally recognises the love that Hinata has always had for him; realising that she alone has always had faith in him and that she has always been there for him, he reciprocates her feelings, to her extreme happiness, to the point of enabling her to laugh openly in the anime.

As a mother and wife, she is very loving hinata dating quiz supportive of her family. At the same time, she has become more strict and assertive. Her structured nature has made her very intimidating hinata dating quiz more easily angered when her family acts up, easily keeping them in line and swiftly punishing the ring dating service for how to find a guy without online dating misconduct.

She has dark blue hair that she keeps in a hime -cut of different lengths: Naruto the Hinata dating quizher hair extends beyond her hips. By adulthood, she would tie her hair into a ponytail; later however she would have cut to into a bob-style reaching her shoulders. In Part I, Hinata usually wears a cream-coloured hooded-jacket with a fire symbol on the upper sleeves and fur around the cuffs and hem. Along with this she wears navy blue pants and keeps her forehead protector around her neck.

In Part II, she dons a loose fitting, lavender and cream hooded-jacket with lavender cuffs over mesh armour. She also wears navy blue pants, black, low-heeled sandals, and hinata dating quiz the cloth of her forehead protector hinata dating quiz blue to black.

Hinata switches to the standard Konoha infantry flak jacket and assorted clothing during the Fourth Shinobi World War, though she does not seem to biblical verses for dating a hinata dating quiz protector while wearing it. In The Last: Naruto the MovieHinata's hinata dating quiz attire is a light lavender, sleeveless kimono-style blouse with vertical lines, tied with a dark purple obi around her waist.

She wears a pair of short dark navy hinata dating quiz with thigh-high stockings and has changed her regular ninja sandals to black hinata dating quiz boots. Overall, her attire is noticeably more form-fitting and less conservative than previously. She begins not wearing her forehead protector at all.

Her outfits become more varied after that, changing to match the occasion or simply being more casual than her prior garb. During her forced wedding to Toneri, she wore a wide black and grey top with a grey sash around her waist. Beneath her marriage ceremonial attire were short puffy pants with black lace socks and sandals. She also wore a black turban with a black and light yellow veil over and yellow crescent moon earrings.

During her wedding to Naruto, she wore a traditional white kimono and had a flower in her hair. In Boruto: Naruto the Moviehinata dating quiz consistently wears a light purple short-sleeved jacket, a long-sleeved white shirt with a two pink colored strips underneath it, light brown shorts and purple open-toed boots. In the Boruto manga, Hinata has a necklace with the Uzumaki symbol on it.

quiz hinata dating

In the anime, Hinata begins training to improve her chakra control during Part I; one of the earliest products of this training is her ability to make Water Needles by forming her chakra around nearby water sources, making it into a projectile. By Part II of the anime, Hinata's control has advanced enough to match a medical-nin 's, for which reason she is assigned to help perform the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier.

This changes Hinata's chakra from blue to purple hinata dating quiz makes her uniquely able to destroy the Tenseigan. She is also shown using this chakra to replenish Naruto's tremendous reserves with no signs of exhaustion nearly instantly, something that took an experienced medical-nin like Sakura Haruno three days to do.

With it, hinata dating quiz is able to assist the other members of Team 8 in their frequent tracking duties, scouting the area for their transmission line hookup s ; by focusing her vision hinata dating quiz a single direction, Hinata can see across vast distances, reaching as far away as 20 kilometres by The Last: Naruto the Movie.

Hinata's Byakugan grants her attacks pinpoint accuracy, which she can share with others to also improve their own. With the Byakugan, Hinata hinata dating quiz able to see individuals' chakra pathway systems and the tenketsu that run along it.

While Hinata hadn't yet mastered much of her clan's techniques in Part I, in the anime, hinata dating quiz did create a technique similar to her clan's Eight Hinata dating quiz Palms Revolving Heavenwhich effectively protects her and attacks anything within range with datjng streams of chakra emitted from her palms. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Hinata could use the Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm to attack targets outside her physical range or deflect incoming attacks, [37] which increases in power if used in conjunction with others.

Crystal castles courtship dating download the time she reaches adulthood, she became well-known for second life matchmaking mastery of hinata dating quiz Gentle Fist.

Main article: Prologue — Land of Waves In dqting anime, hinata dating quiz dating cuddling graduates of her Academy class are being assigned to teams, Hinata hopes that she will be on hinata dating quiz same team as Naruto Uzumaki.

For the exams' first stage, Hinata is seated next to Naruto as they take a written test. Hinata dating quiz objective in the first stage is to cheat off of other examinee's paper without getting caught, but Naruto doesn't realise this and agonises about potentially failing. Seeing this, Hinata offers to let him copy off of her paper. He suspects she's trying to trick him, but she assures him that she only wants to be helpful.

Although he considers taking her up on her offer, Naruto ultimately declines, fearing that he'll get her disqualified if they're caught and claiming that, besides, he isn't the type to cheat. Although Naruto daating given the opportunity to forfeit, he refuses to do so, and for his determination, he passes the first stage along with Hinata and their hibata.

For the second stage, participants enter the Forest hinata dating quiz Death with the objective of obtaining a set of two scrolls, one of which they are given at the start.

Team 8 manages to collect their second scroll right after the second stage has started, and so they head for the centre of the forest where they're supposed to turn in the scrolls. Team 8 watches the fight from the cover of some nearby bushes and is horrified when Gaara mercilessly kills all of Team Shigure. After they're certain Gaara won't kill them too, they proceed to the centre of the forest.

quiz hinata dating

After passing the second stage, the remaining participants take part in one-on-one preliminary matches. During Naruto's fight with Kiba, Hinata's loyalties are torn; she wants to cheer for Naruto, but fears that would be rude to Kiba. Neji, like Kiba, tries to convince Hinata to forfeit, telling her that she's too meek and hinata dating quiz to be a ninja.

She begins to offer arguments in her defence, but Neji persists, claiming that she is fated to be a failure, a fact that he believes she's aware of due to her frightened reaction hinata dating quiz what he says.

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